No bathroom break cost me a kidney

Security guard at B.C. Health Ministry building wasn’t allowed to go, so he stopped drinking fluids during work


A security guard who worked in a B.C. Ministry of Health building in Victoria has sent a letter to the government claiming that he lost a kidney because he couldn’t go to the bathroom. Ron Jeffries, 59, says he stopped drinking water because he was told he couldn’t leave his post at the front desk. The result, he says, was a kidney stone that required surgery and
ultimately cost him the organ. Jeffries worked for a private company that had a contract to provide security services to the health department. But he’s blaming an oversight in provincial labour laws, which don’t explicitly require employer to provide workers with bathroom breaks. His doctor figures that his deliberate dehydration contributed the stones. But he can’t say for sure, which may explain why Jeffries hasn’t sued.

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No bathroom break cost me a kidney

  1. I'm sure going to the bathroom is a basic right?

  2. it's ridiculous how poorly many blue collar workers are treated

  3. This is a BIG problem in public schools. I know 7 year olds (with no history of enuerisis) who’ve peed themselves in class because they weren’t allowed to go. Dry mouths all day also contributes to tooth decay. This is definitely an overlooked public health issue.

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