No crust for Bob Rae


Bob Rae took part in this year’s Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life in Toronto.

As did his wife Arlene Perly Rae.

Before the walk, Rae officially opened his campaign office.

His mother, Lois Rae, was in attendance.


Senator David Smith put in an appearance.

The food included fruit and veggie platters, and sandwiches with no crust.

Denise Lam, who works in Bob Rae’s office, and her boyfriend Chris Drew, Policy Director for Ontario Young Liberals.


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No crust for Bob Rae

  1. That’s mildly offensive, jwl.

  2. Bob’s not very crusty at the best of time.
    He’s all about the meat.
    Just ask him. He’ll tell ya.

  3. What’s wrong with you jwl.

  4. Given Bob Rae’s record in Ontario — he has ZERO legitimacy about how a government should be run or managed. I don’t quite get how he has the audacity to leave his house let alone run for office again.

    People were surprised that Dion was denying / downplaying that the Green Shift is a key platform plank. He is probably following advice from Rae — for whom abject denial of failure seems thusfar to be an effective strategy! (At least with the fawning media…!)

  5. Personally I have always sort of admired Bobby’s political skills in as much as oratory goes. He can give a darn good speech and look right into the camera with his eyes and say the most ridiculous things and you buy into it as his sincerity indicator goes off the scale. I have always wondered how some politicians can do that. I also like his attack skills as he invariably goes right to the jugular, no prevarication, no setup, no gradual leveraging to the core point just straight to it! I think he would make a good deputy or leader of the opposition but a PM – well maybe we have had worse.

  6. Blues Clair

    There’s nothing wrong with me, what’s wrong with you?

    Canada Press is too pc to point out who approached Arlene but I remember very well announcers on CTV talking about how a few guys in turbans had approached her.

    I find if amazing how lefties are quick to accuse others of racism, sexism and the like without any evidence to back up their claims but have little to say about the fact that anti-semitism is rife throughout lefty circles.


    I would think more highly of Rae, he has some good skills as you point out, if he didn’t abandon the NDP and join the Liberals solely for power. I don’t like politicians who sell themselves out that nakedly.

  7. I admire Bob Rae in many ways. My feeling is that the reason he ditched the NDP was that he felt so frustrated by the incompetence of his Ontario cabinet. I still think the “diaster” of his premiership can be blamed 90% on the combination of the recession and the lack of leadership in that cabinet. As much as we tout the PM or Premier as a dictator, it does take a bare minimum of competence to be responsible for a big department; even if Rae had been Napoleon, he could never have won battles with such brigadiers. It was rather a long time ago, too, I think people should forgive and forget.

    On the minus side, his return to politics after a long absence did make it seem his hair had turned white overnight, Bob Barker-style. I never lay eyes on him without partly thinking, “Come on down!”

  8. Jack Mitchell, forgive perhaps. Forget? Never. To forget would mean we might actually allow him back in the big chair again. Thanks, but no thanks.

    He almost tripled Ontario’s debt in the space of 5 years (from $35B to $98B)!!

    The Ontario Liberals managed to convince a lot of people with a great PR campaign that Ernie Eves’ government left a massive deficit behind. The facts, well they tell a different story. Whereas Bob Rae left with a $13.3B deficit (which represented 4.0% of Ontario’s GDP at the time), Eves left with a $5.6B deficit (which was 1.13% of Ontario’s GDP at the time).

    So on the only measure that’s relevant (deficit-to-GDP, indicating the ability of the economy to bear the incurred debt), Rae left with a deficit 3.5x worse than Eves.

    Yet do any of you remember as much bellyaching about that from Harris and co. when they came in, as we heard from Dalton and co. when they came to power? Perception is reality, as they say, so gotta hand it to McGuinty’s “we didn’t know the deficit was this big” PR campaign. They made people see Everest while they stared at some ordinary nondescript hill.

  9. Why are Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff ignoring Stéphane Dion ? Don’t they want to win this election ? Stéphane the Stiff is always by himself when he appears in the media. Hey Guys ! He needs your support.

    S. Gagnon

  10. Interesting how people don’t get their facts straight.

    Rae abandoned the NDP “years” ago.

    Rae got caught up in the “Mulroney” deficits and a recession. He didn’t handle it well, but it was not all his fault.

    Rae and Ignatieff are not ignoring Dion…they have their own campaigns to deal with and they’ve both been out helping other Liberal candidates in other ridings.

    You know what Dion needs – a full time makeup lady like Harper – put lipstick on a PM, you have a PM who’s hiding something.

  11. jwl:
    I agree with your comments about lefties being a little too pc, but I hope you’re not suggesting that “lefties” who oppose Israeli foreign policy are making leftist circles “rife with anti-semitism.”
    No state is above criticism, regardless of what it’s official religion is or who attempted to commit genocide against them in the past.

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