No food for wives who don’t want sex

The “revised” Afghan family law allows men to deny their spouses sustenance if they refuse to have sex.


When the Afghan government shelved the first version of the legislation, which applies to the Shia minority, after western governments complained that it legalized rape within marriage, President Hamid Karzai promised to change the law. But the revised version is just as bad. The final draft says that Shia men can deny their wives food if the women don’t obey their “reasonable” sexual requests. It also gives males guardianship of children and the right to refuse permission for women to work. Human Rights Watch, which obtained the draft, says it even violates the country’s own constitution.

The Guardian

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No food for wives who don’t want sex

  1. Way better.

  2. elaborate on ' reasonable ' ?

  3. It's absolutely mind bottling that a society in this age can be so primitive.

  4. Well, in Canada it's no hockey for men who want sex. You see, every culture has its peculiarities about sex and, anyway, aren't we all supposed to be cultural sensitive to the Muslims? Yeah, didn't PM Trudeau devise some little multiculturalism thingee that makes all cultures absolutely equal in Canada? So is it even OK to discuss this; is Jennifer Lynch lurking somewhere on this board?

  5. These are the so called values that are military sons are dying to protect. Something wrong with this movie?

  6. Please let the law have a section against being or hiding a terrorist, making bombs and such. Iraqi women need some tasers and feminism leaflets or somethin.