No jail for women in “glued penis” case

“Most couples seek out divorce attorneys,” judge declares


Four Wisconsin women facing 30 to 60 days in jail for gluing chronic philanderer Donessa Davis’s penis to his stomach have escaped with one-year probation. The revenge plot was hatched last summer by Davis’s wife, his two lovers and an acquaintance of theirs who was not sexually involved with the man. They lured him to a motel, tied him up, blindfolded and then assaulted him. The gluing tactic wasn’t part of the plan, the women told the court: it just evolved as the episode played out. The four were convicted of “disorderly conduct,” with one woman also charged with “battery.” In handing down the sentence, Judge Donald Poppy noted most couples seek out divorce attorneys when marital problems become too great: “They don’t set things in motion so people get all messed up with glue.”


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No jail for women in “glued penis” case

  1. So kidnapping and assault are ok if the perpetrators are women?

    • I'm trying to imagine a similar 'tsk tsk' response if it involved labia being glued together.

    • Probably only if they go after a philanderer. Still, there do seem to be some weird double standards when it comes to men and women with the law and public sympathy.

      • I agree.

        Nonetheless, the article still conjures memory of the Cell Block Tango.

  2. This is shocking. There wasn't even mention of the DA filing an appeal. Talk about your unfair double standards…

  3. Oh wow. So, next time my girlfriend cheats on me, I'll assume that the law doesn't have a problem with me inviting her to a hotel room, tying her up blindfolded, and gluing her labia shut with super glue. Pshaw! Hardly! Just a year's probation and I;m out.
    The double standards here are ridiculous, and what's even worse is that no one will complain, and no one will care. Dads can be refused custody in the majority of divorce cases, boys can be falling behind girls for decades in school, young men can have precipitously dropping rates of enrollment in post-secondary education, and get their penises glued to themselves by angry women, but hey – WOMEN ONLY MAKE 75 CENTS TO THE DOLLAR LAH LAH LAH CAN'T HEAR YOU


  4. they should be charged with crimes against humanity

    • The real Bill Clinton could have talked them into a foursome.

      • :)))

  5. Un-freaking-believable. "Disorderly conduct?!?"

    It's kidnapping and sexual assault. If this had been four men against a woman, they'd be looking at 25 to life! Talk about the pendulum swinging…

  6. Yet another judge hands out another Pink Pass. Thank you to the feminists who give women these "freedoms".

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