No laughing matter -

No laughing matter


From the front lines of the war on comedy, Le Devoir chronicles the death of the funny:

They may be funny, but, in the end, they’re cheating their audience. To wit: while claiming to be able to laugh at anything, comedians, who are quietly taking over Montreal for the 28th edition of the Just For Laughs festival, have in recent years considerably narrowed the subject and object of their derision.

And that’s not all: far from being the offended rebels many claim to be, these kings of the joke have become less caustic, less subversive, but also more conventional and reassuring.

“By nature, stupidity is everywhere, on the right as much as the left. We should laugh at it, not only in well-worn fashion. Comedians today, even the ones who claim to be radical politically aware, no longer stand in opposition to the dogmas of our era. They are the incarnation of these dogmas.”


No laughing matter

  1. I was watching some of the Just For Laughs festival on a flight recently. EVERY act was the same: "I'm black/hispanic/asian/etc. and here are some wacky things that are different about people from my race!" Even the white comics tried to do racial comedy. Did you know black women don't like to get their hair wet? Hilarious! What is this, 1991? Comedy really hasn't progressed past 'black men are better dancers than white men?'

  2. Le Devoir writing about what is funny? Now that's funny. In a weird, ironic, "what do they know funny?" sort-of-way.

  3. "Aujourd'hui, les humoristes, même ceux qui se disent engagés, ne s'inscrivent plus en opposition aux dogmes de notre époque. Ils incarnent ces dogmes»."

    Too true.