No more pardons for pedophiles -

No more pardons for pedophiles

The feds move to close a dangerous loophole


The federal Tories have introduced sweeping legislation that will eliminate pardons for convicted pedophiles and other repeat criminals. Under the current system, sexual predators like Graham James—the notorious minor hockey coach who abused future NHLers Theoren Fleury and Sheldon Kennedy—can have their criminal records purged with a simple application, making it much easier to hide their past and sneak back behind the bench with children. The new law will close that dangerous loophole. “The current system of pardons implies that what the person did is somehow OK, or is forgiven, or that the harm done has somehow disappeared,” said Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. In fact, the term “pardon” will also be eliminated as part of the new law. Convicted criminals looking for a fresh start will now apply for a “records suspension.”

Source: Montreal Gazette

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No more pardons for pedophiles

  1. I'm pretty sure the blurb here is completely wrong. Sex offenders can indeed get pardons, which may or may not be a good thing (I'm leaning for the ban).

    But that has nothing to do with whether or not this is "dangerous", or whether it makes it "easier to get behind a bench". Offenders like this have their records expunged, but they also get put on a rigorous secondary list which any official police check will trigger should they apply to work with children or the vulnerable.

    The writer here should really correct this. It's all right there in the text of the story.

  2. What prevents the sex offender to try and turn his life around?
    These so called "victims' rights" who, you seem to believe, are the right of the victim to lead a normal life by making sure the person responsible is persecuted until death. It makes absolutely no sense.

    The victim's ability to lead a normal life is dependent on him/her, not on the sentence imposed on the guilty party.

    • What prevents the sex offender to try and turn his life around?…Usually the Sex offender themselves! ! Not the sentence imposed on the guilty party? Well, if you can't do the time..Don't do the crime!! …..Ability to lead a normal life ?…Define normal..A victim's life will never be ''normal'' again, no matter how hard a victim try's, there will alway's be a reminder,a sight, a sound,a smell, a noise…sounds like a life sentence to me and the Victim wasn't even sentenced by a Judge !!

  3. they are mainly doing this to make them look good, the conservatives, just wait until they get a majority then well see their real faces. If this ever happens I think I just might move to Europe.

  4. The pederast hockey coach, as of 2001, has reprised his role in Spain. He directly supervises boys who play hockey in another country. But I guess Spanish boys are of no concern to us high-minded Canadians, hmmm?

    • Such a shame..That individual should have been stopped at the airport. I wonder if our authorities can share information with the proper agencies in that country…Maybe our Hockey association up here in Canada should give Spain's Hockey association the heads up about him!! I think it would be the sportsman like thing to do….. Just a thought!

      • Well, I think if we informed Spain the sex-offender might not live a happy life ever after in Spain. I don't believe the Spaniards are as lenient as us when it comes to sex-crimes. The coach might end-up losing more than his manhood.

        • And further, I believe when it comes to family, the Spaniards are pretty protective.
          My issue though, is not with pedophiles and sex-offenders, my issue is other offenders being painted with the same brush as pedophiles and sex-offenders. Unfortunately, this new proposed system will make other offenders on non-sex crimes to be painted with the same brush. And that is were I disagree. Someone who stole a chocolate bar, did a few drugs or defended himself in a bar fight should not suffer along with a sex-offender.

  5. I'm always amazed how little Canadians know about the criminal justice system. Pedophiles routinely get light sentences, from probation to conditional sentence (house arrest) to a couple years in jail for the repeat, unrepentant offender. I have never heard of a pedophile being imprisoned for "life" in Canada and I doubt I ever will; the justice system ignores what psychiatrists know, that pedophilia is an acute condition from which its sufferer is never cured. Also, like HIV leading to AIDS, 99% of pedophiles report being sexually assaulted as children. They try to gain control over the memory by "re-enactment."

    All of this means that the Canadian society at large has to be hypervigilant about protecting their children because the government hasn't cared to do so. The Liberals created this loophole and now the Conservatives are closing it. Sounds just to me.

    • Agree 100 % Very Informative post…

      • So for something to be "informative" you have to agree 100% with it?

        At least now I know why we don't agree.

        • ''Sigh'' I not sure if you are just trying to goad me, or if you really misunderstood my post, so i will try and make this simple for you to understand. Here goes… 1.) I agree 100% with Viva_ Vivian's post that Pedophiles suffer from an acute condition that is never cured..etc,etc… 2.) That the post was informative… two seperate items, I hope that clears up any confusion you might have., as far as you and I not agreeing, I think there are probably other reasons…..

    •  just to clarify:  while 99% of pedophiles report being sexually abused as children, that does not translate to 99% of people who are abused as children go on to abuse children.  I was sexually abused as a child, and believe me, the FURTHEST thing from my mind is passing the horrific pain of that along to anyone else.  I know quite a few men who were abused as children, and not one of them has ever considered “re-enacting”.  In fact, what tends to happen is that one is locked into a vicious spiral of shame and self loathing and confusion because we tend to go inside ourselves, and not share our pain because what happened is so humiliating.  we also tend to become hyper vigilant about protecting our own children against perceived threats.  My biggest issue is that because of the abuse, I ended up sexually confused.  Tried having sex with men but it never worked out well.  It felt wrong for me, but the abuse rewired me sexually.  I have since, with the aid of a LOT of therapy, figured it out, but it does do serious damage.  I’m torn on this issue.  On the one hand, I’d like to think that pedophiles can be helped to change, but on the other hand, I don’t want to risk damage to one more child.

  6. True North, your comment would have been convincing if you noted that the Tories reviewed this system since taking power and after the review determined the system required no changes. they only sought modification after the higher profile case of James.

    • Good point, I was not aware that the Tories had reviewed the Pardon system, I responded in haste.

  7. Why is Macleans running the sub "The feds move to close a dangerous loophole"? do they have evidence of recidivism rates by those pardoned in this fashion? if they do would they mind including it in the story? or is just marketing?

    • I'm thinking the 'loophole' statement is just a poorly planned (and researched) attempt by macleans to gather attention around the issue that they are writing about from a fairly obvious conservative standpoint. For some actual HARD statistics from public safety Canada, visit this site:… Although pretty dry, it DOES give definite stats on the recidivism rates by sexual offenders- which states “there are approximately 4 sexual recidivists each year". "Compared to an annual average of approximately 31,500 (range 35,524 – 28,952) sexual incidents reported to the police between 1994 and 1998 (Statistics Canada, 1999) four cases appears small."

      So there's your stats-very very VERY few sexual offenders who get pardons reoffend. I do not intend to belittle the issue of recidivism, but the Tories (and Macleans) are overreacting without looking at the facts….not impressed.

      Visit my blog at if you want to learn more about what I think of Bill C-23.

        • Concrete Jungle thanks very much for your thoughtful replies. I was pretty sure that this is was the data qould lay bare. like you, I recognize recidivism as a very serious issue that needs thoughtful attention. also like you, i fully understand that the issue is not receiving it in a policy that is all about optics or the screamer headline publish here by Macleans.

  8. Well, in response to this proposed Bill, "Eliminating pardons", I say it depends on the crime and the circumstances of the case. Firstly, I do not object to sex-offenders not being pardoned. Which first of all, is misinformation. Sex-offenders are still registered in databases and still not eligible from receiving certain types of jobs. And Lifers never get pardoned. So those are issues that should not even be discussed, irrelevant. My concern is with other offences such as, petty thefts, simple drug possession or even common assaults. How will making them wait 5 to 10 yrs instead of 3 to 5 yrs rehabilitate them more?
    And what do they do in the meantime? Collect social assistance and bleed the tax-payers? Let me give you an example.

    There was one particular individual's case I was reading which disturbs me. The offender had three minor convictions on his record: use of a credit card, breach of probation, possession of stolen under $5,000. This offender had a ten year crime free period in which he was working and a law abiding citizen. 10 yrs later, he walks into a bar to pick up his girlfriend, gets attacked by a group of thugs, defends himself unintentionally injuring someone and still gets convicted. The courts said it was self-defence using disproportionate force. Now with this new Bill to eliminate pardons this person will have to wait 10 yrs instead of 5 to clean his record. His college will be a waste of time, prospects of job-opportunities, forget about it. To paint him and others with the same brush as sex-offenders is inhumane. It is cruel and unusual treatment. What do others think about this?

  9. How about the death penalty for these deviants? I tired of paying to support them. More aggressive sentencing better happen soon too – before us mothers take matters into our own hands.