No progress in Honduras

Threat of civil war looms after crisis talks break down


Crisis talks in Honduras have broken down after two days. The interim government will not agree to “the legitimate restitution” of ousted President Manual Zelaya. And representatives of Mr. Zelaya say they’re done talking with the opposing regime. The week’s mediations were led by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, who met with both parties to present a seven-point proposal. That proposal mandated Zelaya’s return to the presidency, but also provided safeguards for interim government supporters – including amnesty for all political crimes committed before and after the June 28 coup. Zelaya was forced into exile on June 28 after the military overthrew his government. “The Zelaya delegation fully accepted my proposal, but not that of the [interim President] Don Roberto Micheletti,” Arias explained. He urged for both sides to resume talks in three days, or risk “a civil war and bloodshed that the Honduran people do not deserve.”

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No progress in Honduras

  1. This article states that: "[That proposal]… also provided safeguards for interim government supporters – including amnesty for all political crimes committed before and after the June 28th coup" This is not amnesty for the de facto Micheletti government but for Zelaya´s government since he has to be judged for more than 18 crimes he committed against the honduran constitution, the Supreme Court and other public ministeries. This proposol is crearly balanced in favour of Zelaya, not only to let him come and finish his mandate but to get amnisty for all the crimes he´s accused. The same day this was discused in Costa Rica, Zelaya was declaring to a brazilian news paper his purpose after getting back into presidency was to institute the "Asamblea Constituyente" therefore insisting on seeking reelection and breaking the honduran laws.

  2. What's with the civil war threat?

    There is no threat except for the one that Venezuela and Costa Rica are creating. There is widespread support amongst the courts, the government, and from a large majority of the population that the ouster of Zelaya was the right move, and that is why there has been no thread of civil war until now. It is the neighbours of Honduras that are dredging up the threat of war, for the sole purpose of furthering their own leftist agendas.

  3. The threat is from Nicaragua and Venezuela sending their socialist para-military militias to invade Honduras, kill people who do not agree with them, and destroy the economy of Honduras.

    The goal of the leftists outside of Honduras is to install a socialist dictator in Honduras in the same manner death threats and a one party take over of the election commission in Venezuela resulted in the constitution and supreme court of Venezuela being changed just the way Chavez, the then want to be, and now defacto dictator of Venezuela, wanted it to be.

    Result, Chavez avoided term limits, shut down the non-government controlled media in Venezuela, replaced all the members of the Supreme court with his cronies, changed the constitution, and effectively made himself President ( dictator ) for life in Venezuela.

    Same script is now being played out in Honduras. Apparently, Obama is giving the green light to this invasion by his attempts to portray any elected politician or Supreme Court justice in Honduras who is trying to defend the Honduran democratic constitution of being a member of a military dictatorship.

    Obama to the Socialists dictators: "go ahead and take Honduras, I have your back if the Honduras military resists the foreign mercenaries you are sending into Honduras".