No repatriation for Khadr

“Our position has not changed”


The government says it will not push for Omar Khadr’s repatriation from Guantanamo Bay. Last week, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against ordering Canada to seek repatriation, but declared that Khadr’s charter rights were violated when he was interrogated by a Canadian official after U.S. authories had subjected him to sleep deprivation. “There’s no shift in Canadian policy on this,” said Dimitri Soudas, a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. However, Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon has said that violations to Khadr’s rights will be compensated for: “once we have an answer, we will share that with you.” Khadr is set to appear before a military commission in July on charges of murder as a war crime, and will continue to receive Canadian consular services.

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No repatriation for Khadr

  1. Let the U. S. deal with him and while you are at it send his Canada hating mother and sisters to join him.

    • I totally agree with you , they should have been kicked out of the country years ago, as for the kid and his father they should have been terminated years ago.

      • Terminated…who the hell d'ya think you are? Dr Kervorkian! Or God!

        • Maybe he thinks he is Obama who has been terminating many with hellfire missles in Pakistan…..

  2. I am totally against Mr kadar being compensated for for intregations he might have gotten in the prison, that’s what the kadars are all about is getting money. That’s my tax dollar, the government paid to one of the kadars already in 10 Million dollars, for what?r and I’m against it. Let him get his trial and stay in jail for what he did. They don’t belong in Canada. I hope that Mr Nicholason doesn’t go along with Mr Cannon on this idea of compensation.

    • I think you need to recalibrate…

  3. it is long overdue to start imposing higher standards on new citizens. any of them protesting for sharia law need to be shown the way out of canada, preferably with the guidance of a heavy boot! multiculturalism shouldn't embrace treason.
    as for noncitizens that are here under false "student visas" and are caught engaging in acts of war against us, we need to stop using our regular judicial system for their prosecution(as they don't qualify for that right) and reinact the traditional rules of war where a military tribunal can administer summary executions in cases of nondeclared enemy combatants or foreign enemy agents.

  4. What if Omar Khadr was taken from Canada, against his wishes and placed in a combat zone? Shouldn't this question be answered? If this was confirmed as true, would Canada's Red-necked Reformatories feel any compassion then?

    • only an aoplogist, or idiot of course, would propose such a sophitic question

  5. If you honestly believe Omar was taken from Canada against his wishes,knowing who his father was, growing up in that household,then do yourself a favour and harvest whatever it is you're smoking because you're bound to make some serious money. I think it's about time we who love this country start doing what our feeble minded bleeding heart politicians,regardless of political stripe, refuse to do.

  6. If Kadr was accused of killing a Canadian medic,,,,how would the Laytons and Iggy's feel then? Scratch that,,,,,they would want to bring him back, give him compensation, free medical, free welfare, and probably erect a statue to him as a represenative of the atrocities to underprivledged immigrants.

  7. The situation our left wingers and their toxic invention political correctness have created is bizarre – giving Welfare and medical care to members of an unrepentant terrorist family whose patriarch was a confidant of bin Laden and through his activities contributed to the deaths of Western military forces including our own in Afghanistan.

    This would be like supporting a high ranking Nazi and his family during WWII because they had managed to glom onto Canadian citizenship.

  8. This goof is one of many that manipulate our lax Canadian Constitution ThankYou Mr Trudeau for MultiCULTurism there is money to be made in this country and the immigration lawyers know it at True Canadians Taxpayers expense carry on carry on

  9. Mr. Cannon wants to compensate this piece of garbage!?! Pleae Mr. Harper reign this moron in!! And while you're at it, get rid of the fecal matter that is the rest of the kadhr clan. Execution is fine by me. Call me if you need someone to pull the trigger on this and any other muslim scum.

  10. If Kadr was accused of killing a Canadian medic,,,,how would the Laytons and Iggy's feel then? Scratch that,,,,,they would want to bring him back, give him compensation, free medical, free welfare, and probably erect a statue to him as a represenative of the atrocities to underprivledged immigrants.

  11. Conbots engage!

    We dun need no stinkin treeties foriners or terrerists in this countrie. That includs you leftards.

    Sumry exicushons are reqired for all transgrishons agangst the right!

  12. Then I look forward to the trial of his mother for Child Abuse.

  13. This solidifies that we have an attempted crime and punishment type of government, not a law and order one.

    Total disregard for the law and our charter while scuttling their own crime bills to save their hides.

    Rather pathetic of any government, let alone a Canadian one.

  14. I am from vancouver,canada and i wanted to say that the supreme court made a big error in not ordering the canadian gov. to bring Omar Khadr back to canada.Im not surprised with this reactionary gov,s response.The supreme court is part of the problem for commiting such a grave error.It will be up to the working class and progressive organizations in canada to bring Omar Khadr back to canada.

    • Well Stan that isn't going to happen. The working class in Canada have no sympathy for Omar or his freeloading family. How could you think that we who toil everyday and try to keep our heads above water only to see our taxes squandered to underserving causes are going to give the Khadr's a moments thought. I believe that most working Canadians also feel that if you go to another country and commit a crime, you are on your own. I also believe that what you consider to be a progressive organization would not be considered so by many of us.

      • Very well said Wafer!

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