No smooching on the airplane

U.S. anti-terror law rounds up rude passengers—not hijackers


Introduced two months after the Sept. 11 attacks, the U.S. Patriot Act is supposed to give police and prosecutors the power they need to identify—and arrest—aspiring terrorists before they strike. But seven years later, the controversial law has done a much better job of nabbing rude airline passengers than would-be hijackers. According to newly released figures, more than 200 people have been convicted under the Patriot Act for offences that have nothing to do with terrorism—from drinking too much to using foul language. In one case, a couple was arrested after an argument with a flight attendant, who claimed the pair was engaged in “overt sexual activity.” (An FBI affidavit said the two were “embracing, kissing and acting in a manner that made other passengers uncomfortable.”) “We have gone completely berserk on this issue,” says Charles Slepian, a New York security consultant. “These are not threats to national security or threats to aircraft, but we use that as an excuse.”

Los Angeles Times

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No smooching on the airplane

  1. Ironic isn’t it, there is only one other outfit that frowns on public acts of affection…the Taliban. I guess the utterly useless Homeland Security bunch need to look like they are doing something, anything. I hope Obama has the good sense to deep six this crew along with Gitmo. Neither one have made us one iota safer. Cheers

    • *LMAO*…GO MAN GO!!!!!…gotta admire a couple with nerve to indulge in “overty sexual activity right in the seats. I can see that be a threat to natuonal security. Next lets go after the people how spit thier gum on the sidewalk.

  2. Well, well well.. the beloved Patriot Act.. As a Canadian who moved the United States in 2005 (what a huge mistake.. Trust me when I say, the average citizen is FAR better of living in Canada, forget about all that crap you hear about “moving to the States for Riches).

    I was detained, searches, handcuffed, arrested, hauled to the “jailhouse”, shackled with massive cow-type shackle, finger-printed, (not to forget the lovely glossy 3 by 5 photo, ) in the State of Ohio, for, get this ….asking a local bank teller what time the bank closes. Being new to the area i wanted to inquire in case I wanted to open an account at that bank. Needless to say, no such account ever materilized..

    This entire ordeal resulted from the local zellious cops “exercising their rights under the Patriot Act… hmmmmm very interesting… What about my ….