No Stompin’ Tom, please


With Hockey Night in Canada in desperate need of a theme song, we’ve decided to ask you, our fine readers, for suggestions. Let the national debate begin.

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No Stompin’ Tom, please

  1. (Imitating Homer Simpson)

    “‘Taking Care of Business!’…skip to the ‘working overtime!'”

    Sorry. ’90s flashback.

    Carry on.

  2. I vote for anything Stopmin Tom recomends

  3. I’m kinda sick of this debate already, so I vote ‘If I Had a Rocket Launcher’ by Bruce Cockburn to put an end to it all. And yes, it’s fine to laugh at his last name because quite frankly we’re all reading a blog named Balls.

  4. “Money” by Pink Floyd

  5. I recommend the version of the Hockey Song by Corb Lund Band.

    Sure, it will get annoying but it’ll be better than a CBC knock-off of Idol.

  6. The only logical choice has to be Crazy Train by Black Sabbath!

  7. I have to say, I thnk The Hockey Son gis most likely. And also awesome.

  8. How about Another One Bites The Dust. Just like where the CBC’s Hockey Nite In Canada is heading.

  9. Why don’t CBC/HNIC run a contest & let people enter songs or pieces of music & let the Canadian public pick the new HNIC theme song.
    Damian Follett

  10. My vote goes to the theme from the EA sports NHL Hockey ’94 game for Sega Genesis. It is pretty much perfect, and for those of us who grew up playing hockey video games, instantly recognizable. If you don’t know it, give it a listen.

  11. I think the Howdy Doody themesong would be nice on HNIC.
    As a sorry leafs fan I realy don’t give a rats behind what the music is….I would just like a good hockey game.

  12. I grew up waiting for that theme song every Saturday night. A couple of years ago, our TV provider got rid of CBC (I live in the States) so I have to watch VS or NBC during playoffs. I really miss Coach’s Corner and I will REALLY miss that song!

  13. How about the Star Spangled Banner? Might as well just give up now. Bye bye Hudson Bay, bye bye oil, bye bye water, bye bye hockey night in ‘Canada’.

  14. Who better than Stompin Tom and his Hockey Song to reign over HNIC.. Can you think of anything more Canadiana than that? Second choice would have to be Takin’ Care of business

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