No taxpayer funds spent on minister's vacation, Tory senator says -

No taxpayer funds spent on minister’s vacation, Tory senator says


OTTAWA – The Conservatives are brushing aside the suggestion that Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird used taxpayer money to vacation in London.

The leader of the government in the Senate says no public money was spent when Baird and six friends stayed at an official government residence in the U.K.

Marjory LeBreton says Canada’s high commissioner in London pays rent for the apartment and it didn’t cost the taxpayer anything for Baird to stay there.

CTV reported Wednesday that Baird and an entourage stayed at the apartment for free while on vacation.

They were there at the invitation of High Commissioner Gordon Campbell, who wasn’t using the apartment at the time.

But Liberals in the Senate went on the attack today, saying Baird had done the same thing in New York.

Liberal Sen. Jane Cordy said official residences are owned by taxpayers and should be used for official business only.

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No taxpayer funds spent on minister’s vacation, Tory senator says

  1. Remember when Chretien fired the president of the BDBC, because he refused to give Chretien’s friend a loan to renovate the hotel that adjoins the golf course where Chretien owned shares that he was trying to sell?

    Not a peep from the media party until bloggers broke the story wide open.

    Gordon Campbell pays for that apartment in London, he let Baird use the place while Campbell was not there.

    The Liberals and their media lackeys lose again.

    • Out of his own pocket, or is the rent footed by taxpayers? If the latter, then it is an official government residence and should not be used in this manner.
      If, on the other hand, Campbell pays for it, well, he’s entitled to loan it out to whomever he wants.

      • Ever heard of Canada House? That is the Canadian High Commission Office in London.

        The High Commissioner receives a housing allowance, for an apartment which is not part of Canada House, the High Commissioner can have whoever they want stay at their private residence, an allowance does not make it an official government residence.

        Keep at grasping at straws, it amuses.

        • I asked a legitimate question; you get all snotty. Nice way to win friends and influence people.

          But why should I expect you to act out of character and pretend to be civilized for once?

          • Sure KB, you have the market cornered on civility, it’s time you grew a thicker skin and stop being such a pansy.

          • Oh, I can get snotty too when people deserve it. But I have yet to see a post from you that didn’t make you look like a complete ass.

        • So the article is wrong – the apartment is not an official residence?

          • I was wrong, but that isn’t the point, Campbell invited Baird to stay there, there is nothing wrong with that, so suck it up buttercup.

        • The residence is in MacDonald House, not Canada House. Demand better info from you’re bosses.

          • MacDonald House is for sale.

          • So what?

          • $500 million to put against the debt.

          • Well, it hasn’t sold yet but it’s one of those stupid fire sale ideas Flaherty came up with a few years back to make his books look better. He even tried to count it as already sold. But what has this to do with Baird’s freeloading to impress his friends?

          • Stupid fire sale?

            You have no clue.

    • Canned Con defence – attack a previous government.

      • Smoke another joint Libturd.

        • Cheer up, I know it must be pretty depressing at the Kremlin these days. And you’ve got the convention coming – bound to be lively this time.

          • You and other leftwingnutz such as Coyne can keep dreaming in technicolor.

          • Coyne really his the nail on the head didn’t he? A collective funk has settled on the Con online community today.

          • You just smoked another joint didn’t you.

            Collective funk?

            You’re stoned.

  2. John Baird . Public Enemy No.1 Last seen freeloading off of friends in high places. Has been known to attack if cornered. Approach with extreme caution.

    • I wonder who Mulcair has had stay at Stornaway?

      • Don’t have mention the leader of da turd pardi, no official residence for you.

        • Are MP’s who get to expense for residences while in Ottawa not allowed to have guests stay whether they are there or not??