No trains to Toronto — Canada cut off


Via Rail announced Tuesday night that numerous train trips will be cancelled or stop short of their original destinations due to pending job action by locomotive engineers.

Service being disrupted included routes between:
• Toronto and Vancouver;
• Toronto and Windsor;
• Toronto and Ottawa;
• Montreal and Toronto;
• Montreal and Ottawa;
• Quebec and Montreal;
• Montreal and Halifax;
• Winnipeg and Churchill, Man;
• Jasper, Alta. and   Prince Rupert, B.C.;
• Toronto and Niagara;
• Toronto and London; and
• Toronto and Sarnia.

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No trains to Toronto — Canada cut off

  1. Has the rioting started yet?

  2. I think even VIA can get from Toronto to Niagara/London/Sarnia/Windsor and back, two or three times even, before the strike deadline.

  3. Those poor non-Torontonians. How will they ever get by without us?

  4. Let's see… they've cancelled: The Canadian, The Ocean, every route in the Windsor-Quebec corridor — wouldn't it be faster to say "all trains EXCEPT…" (and looking at the list, I'm not even sure they need the "except"!)
    I do find it very odd that the short-haul routes are cut; as Kenn Chaplin says, it is easy to finish those up before any strike (and easy for passengers to find alternatives if the strike hits before they get home).

  5. Well, I guess Toronto won't be hauling away any garbage by train.

    Have a good time in your slum this summer Toronto!

  6. Hey, I see the Malahat is still running! Vancouver Island wins again!

  7. Heaven forbid we might haul our asses on cars, buses and airplanes, instead.

    May this strike last a long time. Like, forever. Long enough to make people realize this country will easily survive without a crown corporation passenger rail service draining our wealth. Then just shut the damn thing down.