No women in my group, please: #YorkU student

York’s support for a student’s request to skip co-ed group meetings launched a backlash



No women in my group, please: #YorkU student

  1. Sexism is only allowed when a male is discriminated against.

    • Apparently not, according to this story.

      Also, if you have a problem with females oppressing you somehow, you do realize there are whole industries where you can work, earn good money, and never see a woman again right?

      • Like what?

        • It’s false hope. Your surrounded. I rubbed blonde girl cooties all over my keyboard too before I typed this, so you should feel a drop in I.Q. any second now.
          Muah!! :p

          • I went into underwater welding to get away from females. Didn’t help. Just wondering if there were real examples.

            I am surrounded by blondes at home, too, but my permanent indifference keeps any contagion from spreading. I seem dumb, but it’s really just apathy.

          • Underwater welding wouldn’t do it. Mermaids. Plus, eventually, you have to come up for air and that’s when they strike. lol

          • I actually did go into that field, but not to avoid anyone. The ’80’s were quite a time. From what I remember.

          • Bad hair and good music. Not that I remember the 80’s. Or the 90’s. Right up until 2007 is a bit suspect as well. Some of that is due to being a child, most of that is due to booze :)

          • I combined childhood with alcoholism in the ’70’s. Grade three was a blur. Still made the honour roll, which showed me how much of a joke the school system was.

  2. blogger bigcitylib has noted that the course was apparently advertised as not requiring attendance at the university, and that other students had been granted exemptions from appearing.

  3. The student isn’t the one making a big deal over this. He asked, the professor said no, so he went on the trip with no complaint. He even thanked the prof for considering his request. This article is making it sound like he threw a fit or something, when in fact, he was very reasonable about the whole thing.

    “He attended the group session without protest and even wrote a memo to Mr. Grayson thanking him “for the way you have handled this request.”

    “He’s a reasonable guy,” said Mr. Grayson.

    Nevertheless, the rejection incensed university brass. According to Mr. Grayson, on October 18, he received a letter from the Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies ordering him to accommodate the student’s wishes.”

  4. This is abject stupidity. This is Canada. If this student does not want to study with women, he should be sent back to whatever craphole he came from. We do not need his kind here. Enough is enough. No more political correctness, please!!! At the very least, no more Canadian taxpayer dollars should go to York University.

  5. HEY!! I bet if a female Muslim student had requested not to be with men, none of you would have said :boo: