Non-stick frying pan coating may raise cholesterol -

Non-stick frying pan coating may raise cholesterol

Scientists find a link between pans, children’s levels


Scientists at the West Virginia University School of Medicine say that non-stick frying pans might raise cholesterol levels in children, the BBC reports. After studying the blood tests of over 12,000 children involved in a lawsuit over a contaminated water supply—which was laced with the same chemicals used to coat these pans—scientists found those children had higher levels of total cholesterol, and LDL or “bad” cholesterol. The water supply was contaminated after an industrial accident, and as a result, children were exposed to much higher levels of the man-made chemical than normal. The researchers say further study is needed to rule out the possibility these pans may be harmful.

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Non-stick frying pan coating may raise cholesterol

  1. Non stick being bad news is not news. Use ironstone. The reams of bad facts regarding flouride are everywhere, too, but nothing is being done.

  2. All the more reason to keep using my cast iron frying pan… (my wife will cringe when reading this.)

    • Cast iron is the best. Adds iron to everything you cook in it, requires minimal washing and builds great biceps everytime you lift the pan!

  3. Every twenty minutes your entire blood supply goes through your liver which makes it probably the hardest working organ in the body. In addition to its normal functions of controlling the metabolism, deactivating hormones, drugs and toxins and producing bile to break down and absorb fat, a ‘western liver' has to deal with up to 30,000 chemicals daily, absorbed through the skin, ingested or breathed in from the air (60 years ago this figure was just 300).