North Korea calls for “unconditional” talks -

North Korea calls for “unconditional” talks

Offer flatly dismissed by Seoul


South Korea has batted down an unusual offer by North Korea to engage in “unconditional and early” talks, in order to ease the escalating military stand-off on the peninsula. In a statement made via the Korean Central News Agency, North Korea said it is “ready to meet anyone anytime and anywhere, letting bygones be bygones, if he or she is willing to go hands in hands with us.” Seoul dismissed the offer as an insincere gesture, saying it would only negotiate if Pyongyang issues an apology for killing four South Koreans in the shelling Yeonpyeong Island, and for sinking the Cheonan warship, during which 46 South Korean sailors died. However, both sides have eased their war-like rhetoric and indicated that peace talks are a definite option. U.S. envoy Stephen Bosworth is meeting with Chinese officials on Thursday to see how China might pressure North Korea to calm its tendency towards military brinksmanship.

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North Korea calls for “unconditional” talks

  1. Unfortunately for South Korea I don't think that anything good will come out of North Korea. How long can a regime like the North's last? Seems pretty hopeless to me, and I can't imagine the North going down quietly when it does.

    • Maybe the North Koreans will rise up and stab their leaders to death with pitch forks, but other than that, North Korea will go down with a whimper. They will tear down the DMZ, wave little white flags, and say, "We surrender!"

      • Well we can certainly hope so.

  2. For South Korea, probably the best policy is business as usual. How many cars has North Korea sold in Canada or the US lately?

    North Korea is a tar baby for both China and the former Soviet Union. Both countries would gladly wash their hands of North Korea, except that they don't want the 101 Airborne dropping parachutists in Pyongyang, because that would make them both look impotent.

    I don't think China wants to send 1.5 million Red Army and Red Guards into North Korea like the did in the first Korean War. It's not because they're afraid of the Van Doos holding them back at Little Gibraltar, but because Ford and GM weren't building cars in China back in 1951 like they are today.

    But who knows? Anything can happen.

  3. And how are you going to smack South Korea? With nuclear warheads?

  4. Alright you are off your freakin' rocker Emily. I've tried to take you seriously but wow such trolling. Sad.

  5. Yeah, how dare they get shelled! How dare they get their ship sunk?! Have they no shame?

    You are clearly mental Emily.

  6. When will this war end? i hope for peace for the two countries. Poor people…

  7. I'm sure jim kong il would be glad to know that he has supporters in north america like you.

  8. unfortunately, neither country is deciding for itself if and when they will go to war.

  9. Just bomb NK and give the remains to China. Problem momentarily solved.