North Korea creates Facebook account -

North Korea creates Facebook account

South Korean authorities investigating page for authenticity, illegal content


After joining YouTube and Twitter, North Korea appears to have created a profile on Facebook to fuel its propaganda war against South Korea and the United States. The account opened late Thursday under the Korean username “uriminzokkiri,” meaning “on our own as a nation.” Access to North Korea’s Twitter account is blocked in the South for containing information that is illegal under South Korean security laws, an official at South Korea’s Communications Standards Commission said. Commission official Han Myung-ho said authorities are investigating the account to determine its authenticity, and will block access to the page if it has content that violates South Korea’s National Security Law. The Facebook account, which describes itself as male, says it is interested in men and is looking for networking.

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North Korea creates Facebook account

  1. Freaky looking little mole man must be looking for friends, for when he retires.

  2. kim jung il just wants to try farmville

    • Well, he has to get some sense of how actual agriculture works.

  3. I don't understand why the South would block this social media stuff from the North– it's so obviously propaganda, and it'd be great for free Koreans to be able to comment/reply directly to all the Kim family nonsense. It'd also keep those in the north maintaining these accounts busy trying to censor replies (or even reply back?), and every smidge of outside communication those in the north get with the outside world is better than none at all.

  4. check Korea getting all social haha

  5. How can a country have a Facebook page, talk about rediculous