North Korea officially ends armistice with South Korea

Be ready ‘to annihilate the enemy’ Kim Jong-un tells troops


In this March 7, 2013 photo released by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) Kim Jong Un uses binoculars to look at the South's territory from an observation post at the military unit on Jangjae islet, in the southwestern sector of the border with South Korea. (KCNA via KNS/AP)

North Korea has dissolved the agreement that ended the Korean War in 1953, as it simultaneously ramps up its military presence along the border with South Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared before military troops positioned near the border and told them to that they should be ready “to annihilate the enemy,” reports The Telegraph.

This latest rallying cry comes after Kim threatened missile attacks on Washington the previous day, saying the American capital city would become a “sea of fire.”

The move towards brinkmanship is in response to a decision by the United Nations Security Council to impose further sanctions on North Korea after it conducted a third nuclear test in February. The UN resolution was unanimously approved by all 15 member countries siting on the council. The sanctions are financial and will also increase efforts to prevent North Korea from shipping banned goods into the country.

South Korea is standing up to the threats. South Korean military spokesperson Kim Min-seok said, in a statement: “If North Korea attacks South Korea with a nuclear weapon, Kim Jong-un’s regime will perish from earth. Although atomic bombs were used twice in the past to end World War II, if the nuclear bomb attacks a free and democratic society, such as the Republic of Korea, mankind would not forgive it.”

Images of Kim visiting cheering troops were broadcast on North Korean state television.

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North Korea officially ends armistice with South Korea

  1. It’s pretty obvious that Kim Jun Stupid inherited the family gene for meglomania. If his political brinkmanship does manage to escalate into a full scale military confrontation with South Korea we probably won’t see him in any photo-ops on the front lines with a rifle in his hands. He’ll be watching the conflagration with a powerful set of binoculars from a safe distance several miles back. Just like he’s doing in this one.

  2. What on earth are they putting in the water over there? I’m starting to think that the only way that North Korea ever becomes a normal functioning state is for it’s current leadership to be completely annihilated. Gotta stop treating the psychopaths with kids gloves.

  3. When are the North-Koreans finally going to get rid of this dynasty of fat imbeciles?

  4. This is what happened when you asked obese kid to lead a country. Someone should tell the brat, this aint no Call of Duty 4

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