North Korea threatens nuclear attack on the U.S. -

North Korea threatens nuclear attack on the U.S.

Message on state-run television comes after UN motion to censure and add new sanctions


North Korea has upped the stakes with the U.S., with the North Korean National Defence Commission announcing on state television that it would not only continue rocket launches, but it would also continue nuclear testing, which would be aimed the U.S.

In a statement on state television North Korea’s National Defence Commission said: “We are not disguising the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the United States.”

The threat of violence comes after the U.S. backed a UN resolution to censure North Korea for a rocket launch in December. That resolution also placed further sanctions on the country.

While other North Korean rocket launches have failed, the December launch seemed to be successful and the North American Aerospace Defence Command said that the country appeared to have launched something into space at that time.

Reports from South Korean and U.S. monitoring agencies say that North Korea could, indeed, be in a position for more nuclear tests, says BBC News. The country has already conducted two nuclear tests, in 2006 and 2009.

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North Korea threatens nuclear attack on the U.S.

  1. The North Korea regime’s long history of irresponsible and often violent misbehavior should be a clear warning that this nation should not be permitted to develop an operational nuclear-armed ICBM capability.

    They have recklessly threatened South Korea with cross-border attacks and armed infiltration, which in recent years escalated with the shelling of Yeonpyeong Island and the sinking of the South Korean frigate Cheonan in 2010.

    Western powers have watched North Korea thumb its nose with impunity as it commits these acts of aggression and have been unable to halt their on again/off again nuclear program which clearly is intended to produce nuclear weapons. Even more worrisome is the cooperation between North Korea and Iran in both ballistic missile and nuclear technologies.

    North Korea derives much of its hard currency income from the sale of weapons, weapons components and technologies and always desperate for cash they’ll sell whatever they develop to anyone who can afford it.

    As we have seen with both North Korea and Iran, diplomacy and negotiations only serves to stretch out the clock while these nations continue their quest for a capability to deliver a nuclear payload to any target of their choosing.

    At that point nuclear blackmail will begin in earnest and other nations will need to revamp their civilian defense programs, air raid warning sirens and teach school age children to “duck and cover.” Will our anti-missile defense systems work against ICBMs and even if they do what radioactive material will be released into the high atmosphere when the incoming warheads are destroyed.

    Is this really the future we are seeking – a return to the worst days of the cold war, but facing enemies with a history of reckless behavior or a belief they will survive Armageddon because the Twelfth Imam will reappear in their hour of need to right all injustices.

    Where ICBMs and nuclear weapons are involved, let’s hope our leaders will have the moral fortitude to put a stop to these activities before it is too late and we are facing a nuclear-armed enemy.

    • ” these nations continue their quest for a capability to deliver a nuclear payload to any target of their choosing.”

      There is no way these countries would even attempt to launch a nuclear weapon at any country. Even Pakistan, the most unstable and corrupt ‘democracy’, in the world understands the consequences that will come from launching a nuclear weapon on its enemy, india. Kenneth Waltz theory of deterrence has been proven, and people can continue stating that Iran or NK will use such weapons, but history and Watlz theory adequately demonstrates why these nations would not do such a thing. To do so would be like signing your own death sentence, and would also lead to a nuclear war.

      The motive behind these nations nuclear ambitions isn’t to drop a nuclear bomb on Israel or South Korea, rather it is primarily based on these nations pursuit of some form of influence in the international realm (this is particularly true in the case of Iran who has been victim of US aggression and unwarranted intervention since 1953). Countries throughout the globe have come to the understanding that only nations with such weapons could play hardball, while those who don’t have little- or-no say in international affairs.

      • So what happens when they try to play hardball and are refused anyway because people believe “There is no way these countries would even attempt to launch a nuclear weapon at any country”

        The theory of deterrence has not been proven, it just hasn’t been disproven yet. The fundamental flaw in the theory of M.A.D. is that it relies on the idea that a country’s leadership isn’t.. well.. mad.

        Democracies have some assurance against that. Hereditary reigns.. not so much.

        • So what exactly was the Cold War? Are you telling me that the Cold War isn’t an example of nuclear deterrence at work? The Soviet Union was not a democracy, yet it still acted in a rational manner and did not launch a nuclear weapon over the US.

          Also, as a i mentioned in my initial comment, Pakistan is another perfect example. It is by far the worst and most corrupt democracy in the world, yet it has yet to launch a nuclear weapon at India, who for the record, they utterly despise. Only logical explanation is Waltz’s theory of deterrence.

          “So what happens when they try to play hardball and are refused anyway because people believe, There is no way these countries would even attempt to launch a nuclear weapon at any country”

          You clearly did not understand what i was trying to convey in my initial comment. The justification for trying to acquire nuclear weapons is not to force nations like the US or Israel to comply with their demands, rather it is intended to get these nations to take Iran or NK seriously. With regard to Iran, this country wants nuclear weapons to essentially consolidate its geo-poltiical interests in the region, as well as to drive the US out of middle-eastern affairs. Since 1953, the US has been intervening in Middle-East affairs and Iran is working to end such demeaning acts

          • I’m not saying anything of the sort. What I’m saying is that relying on that deterrence to always work is a fools game.. and if it fails only once.. we’re all the fools.

    • This story could be applied to the USA also.
      You get what you give.

  2. The US will just knock it out the skies the moment that rockets leaves the launchpad.

    • International peace treaties prevent the United States from developing an anti-missile system.

  3. And we can presume these isolationist clowns led by a child king won’t put enough fuel in the rockets, so they’ll fall on Canada first.

    • This comment was deleted.

      • Maybe it will blow up all the US debt!!!

  4. What does the West expect?
    We are starving North Korea with sanctions for doing what we are doing.
    America is getting what it gives.
    Stop this madness.

  5. boycott South Korea. Any products coming from S. Korea should be banned. Not surprising but it appear very small countries, get a lot of media attention. International ban & destruction of nuclear anything should be instilled.