North Korea threatens nuclear attack -

North Korea threatens nuclear attack

“Powerful” response, if U.S proceeds with military drills


North Korea is flexing its nuclear muscles again ­this time, in the lead-up to the joint U.S-South Korea military drills which are scheduled for early next month. If the U.S. proceeds with the drills, warn North Korean officials, it must expect a “powerful”-and possibly nuclear-response. Said a Korean People’s Army spokesman: “If the U.S. imperialists and South Korean warmongers launch the joint military exercises we will react to them with our powerful military counteraction, and if necessary, mercilessly destroy the bulwark of aggression by mobilizing all the offensive and defensive means including nuclear deterrent.” North Korea pulled out of six-nations disarmament negotiations last year. Its latest threats were made just hours after a U.S. special envoy arrived in Seoul.


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North Korea threatens nuclear attack

  1. The problem with MAD is that it relies on none of the parties involved being.. well.. mad.

    It should be pretty obvious that sooner or later it was going to fail.


    • Granted, Wilson was a nut who caused an awful lot of harm, but it's a bit much to lump him in with Hitler and Stalin, wouldn't you say?

      • Mad is mad. We've been lucky so far that none of them have been in control of nuclear arms.

        • "We've been lucky so far that none of them have been in control of nuclear arms."

          History really isn't taught very well in public schools these days, I take it.

  2. That creepy little mole-man in N. Korea is a freaking nut-bar. Sure, give the US, S. Korea and Japan an excuse; you're people will thank you for it.

  3. It's not about that. North Korea is being run by China – they're the Chinese pet pit bull that's used to scare the Koreans and Japanese into submission – essentially, scaring them away from the American sphere of influence and into the Chinese sphere of influence.

    The North Koreans already got the Japanese to elect a left-wing party that's making noises about kicking the Americans out of Okinawa and not allowing use of Japanese airspace. They probably got some nice kickbacks from the Chinese in exchange.

    It's not madness, it's a strategy.

  4. MAD doesn't work with nutbars like this. That's why you need missile defense.

    Good thing Reagan had the foresight to get the ball rolling on that, and Bush Jr. restarted it after the Clinton years. Now at least there is an alternative to waiting for NK to lob a nuke and retaliating.

    Assuming Obama doesn't repeat Clinton's mistake and cut the program again, of course.

    • Missile defence was mocked at the time because it was highly destabilizing…it made the Soviets more likely, not less, in the short run to make a preemptive strike. It could be handy now…if it works?

  5. Actually it was mocked at the time on the grounds that it was supposedly impossible. Like "hitting a bullet with another bullet", as I recall. Couldn't be done. You might remember that Clinton closed it down, well after the breakup of the USSR, and it was the subject of mockery again when Bush restarted the program….also well after the breakup of the USSR.

    As late as 2003 I was having arguments with leftists who were insisting the whole thing was pie-in-the-sky impossible. Leftist physicists, no less. It was insane.

    No worries though. My guess is, if NK launches something and it gets shot down, Obama will take credit for having successfully handled the situation, much as he's now claiming on Iraq. The Left – always good for a chuckle.

  6. N Korea has pulled this stunt before. Give them money and they will shut up for awhile.

  7. expect an all out war that religious zealots have been prophesying for a few centuries….lets get it done…. over with…. armed gunned on (armagattling gun) oh its armagediton or what ever…we could use a few billion less people…i desire an all out world war three once and for all…this ranting and threatening is making millions of people sick and in fear….bring it on noko i gotta sling shot

  8. kim jung ill is so ronely