North Korea warns of war

South Korea vows “stern action” after ship sinking; North Korea denies involvement


South Korea’s accusations that North Korea was responsible for the attack on one of its naval warships in March, killing 46 sailors, has prompted deepening tensions and harsh words. After a multinational investigation of the sinking pointed to North Korea, South Korean president Lee Myung-bak promised “stern action” against his not-so-friendly neighbour. For its part, North Korea is dismissing the results of the investigation as a fabrication, and issued a warning of its own: “If the (South Korean) enemies try to deal any retaliation or punishment, or if they try sanctions or a strike on us,” said Col. Pak In Ho of North Korea’s navy, “we will answer to this with all-out war.”


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North Korea warns of war

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      Let's hope you're right.

  1. North Korea has set up a system which cannot sustain itself without extorting money from foreign countries via threats of war. It has been playing the same hand ever since the ceasefire of the Korean War.

    And the only reason why it has ever worked is because of China. Even nutters like Bush who had lumped the country in with Iraq, would not dare to invade the DPRK for fear of enraging China. If the DPRK ever loses Chinese support, it's all over for their ruling regime.

    China, for it's part, refuses to give North Korea up until the US gives up on Taiwan. And the US isn't going to give up on Taiwan unless China goes democratic.

    China, for it's part, has no intention or reason to adopt full blown democracy. While the PRC jettisoned communism as a failed economic strategy, it retained authoritarianism mixed with capitalism and Chinese folk religion and customs. And this has led them from Third World backwater to pride of place as the world's second largest economy and second largest military power. Since the US is sliding from its position as #1 in both areas, and China may soon eclipse the US, why would the governing regime give up power only to adopt the Western model?

    This is quite the standoff.

    On the upside, the DPRK isn't going to be stupid enough to launch an all-out war against the West, since that would test the PRC's commitment farther than it will stretch. Beijing tolerates Pyongyang's belicosity, and maybe even encourages it to get a dig in against America for protecting Taiwan. But it's not prepared to go to war on Pyongyang's behalf, any more than the US would be prepared to go to war on Taipei's behalf.

    The Cold War, contrary to popular belief, has not ended, even though Communism has. It is now less about ideology and more about territory.

    • One of the primary reasons for China's desire to preserve the North Korean state is to prevent a "humanitarian crisis" wherein a lot of North Koreans come knocking on China's door. They already have trouble with North Korean migrants as it is.

      • Surely they must also see that it is the state itself that generates a need for North Koreans to migrate. The humanitarian crisis originates in Pyongyang. I cannot believe Beijing does not see this

  2. I could see North Korea eventually collapsing and South having to pick up the enormous costs of integrating it with the South.

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