Northern Gateway opponents set sights on feds, courts

Coalition of environmental groups says Enbridge may have the panel’s approval but it does not have public approval


VANCOUVER – Opponents of the Northern Gateway say the war against the pipeline will now be waged against the federal government, where the decision rests after a federal review panel gave the project a green light.

A coalition of environmental groups says Enbridge (TSX:ENB) may have the panel’s approval but it does not have public approval.

Gerald Amos, of the Friends of Wild Salmon and former Haisla chief, says “big oil” has bought and paid for the federal government, which faces an election in 2015.

Amos was joined at a Vancouver news conference by representatives of Forest Ethics Advocacy, the Fort St. James Sustainability Coalition, the Living Oceans Society and the United Fishermen and Allied Workers Union the day after the National Energy Board released a panel report approving the pipeline.

Ben West of Forest Ethics says three options remain for stopping Northern Gateway: legal action, political action and direct action.

West says he hopes it doesn’t come to direct action but if it does, the protests will make the clashes over old-growth logging in British Columbia two decades ago “look like a walk in the park.”


Northern Gateway opponents set sights on feds, courts

  1. why are you giving these people a voice?? its a very small minority plus natives in the population, plus some american billionaires, well mostly american billionaires. did i mention the american billionaires??

    • You either don’t have half a clue of what you’re talking about or you’re not from BC. The large majority of BCers are opposed to this lunacy. Send it east coast where it’s needed, not to Chinese refineries.

      • I think you are quite wrong on the amount of people opposed to the pipeline . Do you not remember there was an election in BC this year ? The pipeline party was trailing in every poll , then the other party (wanting to grab green votes and forgetting about people that actually do the work) announced they were anti-pipeline . That change of course in mid election stream gave to us (the citizens of BC) what could potentially be the most corrupt government of all time . If as you claim the majority are against the pipeline , the NDP would have won the election , instead it was a devastating loss , even worse than the Leafs collapse to the Bruins last spring, therefor you are mayor of wrongville WRONG .

  2. Dear Argo03, the right of freedom of speech and expression is a right that is guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms and also the Constitution of the continental USA.

    If you abrogate those rights you end up living in a fascist or communist state wherein all rights and freedoms are subjugated to the capricious whims and prejudices of the state and their local reps. Ask anyone who grew up in Communist Russia or China or lived under Nazi rule whether they would wish to return to live under such a regime again. I think you will find the answer is no. Freedom of thought and expression is necessary to the human spirit.

    You disagree with those who question the honesty and integrity of the oil and gas firms. That is your guaranteed right just as it is theirs to express concern for the environment they live in. After all, these people have had 500 years of being lied to. The track record of said corporations leaves a lot to be desired.

    However I’m sure you will disagree with me and that is your right after all and I will fight to defend your right to disagree with me just as I would fight to defend their right to express concern for their environment.

    I don’t belong to any one political party and I receive no remuneration from any US billionaires.

  3. Privatized profit and public risk !…. BTW who’s paying for that little
    town that burnt to the ground ?… O one more how about the river in
    Michigan thats still not cleaned up ???

  4. Ask Oliver & Harper WHAT scientific based knowledge allowed them to OK ‘ end pit lakes’
    Externalizing the risk is what CAPP is all about. Why would the feds put a cap on corporate liability? To protect the corporations and their shareholders.

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