Poll: B.C. warming up to Northern Gateway Pipeline

Support outweighs opposition to proposed plan to link Alberta to Pacific Ocean and Asian markets


Only four in ten B.C. residents have heard about an Enbridge project to link Edmonton, Alberta and Kitimat, B.C. by pipeline. But the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline Project is more likely to receive support, rather than opposition, according to a new Ipsos-Reid poll. Although the poll shows that a majority of Northern B.C. residents are unaware of the project, it also indicates that they are both increasingly familiar with it (42 per cent) and favourable to it (48 per cent).  Only 32 per cent said the opposed the project. Respondents were also asked to name one main project benefit and one main concern; employment ranked first among the perceived benefits, while environmental issues were first among concerns. The poll, conducted on behalf of Enbridge, queried 1,000 adult British Columbians online using Ipsos Reid’s national online household panel between Dec. 12 and Dec. 15.



Poll: B.C. warming up to Northern Gateway Pipeline

  1. This poll was commissioned by Enridge and the questions asked drew the required response.  The issue is just getting warmed up here in B.C. and many people know little about it.  Previous polls have shown that residents here are about 80% opposed to oil tanker traffic in the Kitimat area, indeed in the entire Inside Passage.  If the two issues were connected in the poll, the answers just may have been a lot different.

    • You can bet they didn’t ask: What do you think of the associated risks with greatly increased tanker traffic off the coast, as a part of this survey. 

      • Indeed!  And the poll as is didn’t actually prove what the headlines state.  Support was actually pretty weak to questions slanted to elicit the response required by the company paying for the poll.  Pretty dishonest of Macleans.

    • I think the bigger hidden issue is that the Northern Gateway Pipeline is going to carry principally dilbit (bitumen cut with lighter hydrocarbons or diluents). This will have the effect of increasing total tanker traffic significantly (maybe as much as double). This is because the oil sands producers want to save a few $/barrel by not having to upgrade in AB.

      I’m discussing this on twitter (click on my name above ) – and NorthernGateway is responding to some of these questions on their blogs – here: http://www.northerngateway.ca/news-and-media/northern-gateway-blogs/oil-and-energy/answers-to-your-questions/#PageComments_holder

  2. People who don’t know about the Northern Gateway Pipeline project and its possible impacts on the environment have to watch “SPOIL”, the documentary. This project has the potential to destroy the livelihood of thousands of people while creating just a few hundred (200 to 300) new permanent jobs. This project will provide minimal economic benefits for British Columbia; but the negative economic and environmental impacts of an oil spill would be enormous. 
    Rene Ebacher, Toronto

  3. You can’t believe everything you read, can you MACLEAN’S?

  4. Another blatant example of how media can warp perspectives on any given issue ! Way to go Macleans, corporate brown nosers !

  5. In general, the specific wording of a poll like this has a lot to do with the distribution of the responses and can be used to manipulate the outcome.  It would be nice to know exactly how the question and answers were phrased.

  6. The Vancouver Sun did a survey on this ssue and the results speak for themselves –



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