Northern nations to profit from global 'havoc’ -

Northern nations to profit from global ‘havoc’

UCLA author says Canada will rise with temperature


It seems John Diefenbaker was just ninety years or so ahead his time when he pronounced, in 1958, “I see a new Canada—a Canada of the North!” A new book by prominent UCLA scientist Laurence Smith predicts the rise of “Northern Rim Countries,” or NORCs, turning Canada into a major power within forty years. Smith’s The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization’s Northern Future, slated to be released next week, say a grim global environmental outlook will be good for Canada, Scandinavia and the northern U.S. “While wreaking havoc on the environment,” he says, “global warming will liberate a treasure trove of oil, gas, water and other natural resources previously locked in the frozen North, enriching residents and attracting newcomers.” This will happen just as resources in the rest of the world are depleted. Cities that will rise in power and wealth, according to Smith: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Ottawa, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

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Northern nations to profit from global ‘havoc’

  1. If things get that grim, millions, if not billions, of people will be fleeing hotter and/or flooded regions to migrate to the North. Canada may become more powerful and wealthy, but may also become much more crowded.

    • Fortunately, one thing we have is room. Currently, the bulk of us are all crowding down within 100 miles or so of the US border. That simply won't be the case anymore.

  2. I guess by then Canada will be the 51st state of the USA, and it won't matter how strong Canada becomes as we'll just call it USA!

  3. Part One of Two:
    Speaking as a former believer, why is it so unreasonable to ask for more evidence that I can actually see for myself after 24 years of warnings that promise a CO2 climate crisis? It cant' hide out in jungles and polar caps and distant mountains for ever. No, bad weather is not our fault. Nice try.
    Does that make me earn the label “denier”? Does that make me a Harper and Bush lover? Does that make a an oil exec? Does that make me a pollution lover? Science shouldn't be moralized like we are witch burners or something.
    How can you believers so flippantly surrender yourselves between lab coat consultants, a fat American politician promising to make the weather colder with taxes, main-scream media and a messianic Asian freak named Nutzuki and PR firms? And you call yourselves liberals? This is personal for me and it should be for you to believers too. My kid and all of her friends thought they or their children will die in a CO2 damaged Earth.

  4. Part Two of Two.
    SAVE THE PLANET is a cowards death threat and I challenge you believers to as decent human beings, to make sure you are 100% sure you are right before you condemn your kids and billions of other kids to “death by CO2”. Scientists are just as fallible as any politician it turns out. Lesson learned.
    Remove the CO2 factor and we have a strong and healthy environmental movement with power and influence except of course for the CO2 issue that is being killed by the voters anyways. If you don't know that voters will not vote yes taxes to SAVE THE PLANET, you are the new denier. We have accomplished so much since Rachel Carson's time so I challenge my fellow environmentalists, both believer and non believer, to continue pollution management, population control and most of all, face the future of energy with courage, not like groveling climate cowards fearing the unknown.

  5. Oh Oh! The climate cool aid drinkers are at it again. It's all bu!! sh!t of course.

  6. Canada is already affected by climate change. The pine beetle is chewing away at the BC's pine forest because it hasn't been cold enough since the 1980s to keep its population under control. This is affecting 20,000 British Columbians who rely on the forest for jobs. We're hearing that Alberta has an impending water shortage because of a warming climate and industry use. There are increases in forest fires, and that will continue to rise. Russia too was predicted to benefit from climate change. It has just experienced the worst heat and forest fires in its history. It's unclear how a changing climate will affect agriculture in Canada – it could be a boon or a disaster. More rain is projected, but maybe in the wrong areas. And sea levels are predicted to rise. What will that do for coastal cities like Vancouver and Seattle? Smith's prediction is based simply on gaining access to more fossil fuel because of melting ice (can anyone see the irony here?) There are big unknowns about what a warming planet will do to our country. Nicolas Stern, the British economists predicts a big hit to global GDP. I wouldn't get all excited about Smith's report.

  7. Part one.
    I just love you lovable amateur arm-chair climatologists so cute. The Internet, being the open sewer of untreated information that it is, made anyone an expert, both believer and non believer alike. But it had been 24 years and voters would have to have been swimming through warm waters to the voting stations in January before voting YES to taxes and sacrifice. It didn't happen. “Climate Crisis” warnings were not sustainable as long as the media and lab coat consultants hid the crisis in far off places like mountains, jungles and polar caps. NO, bad weather is not our fault now. Nice try. That just looked desperate and a little embarrassing.

  8. Part Two:
    You faded believers could only say "THEY SAY" , but what you needed for voter consensus was more like "WE SEE". We need to have experienced this crisis for ourselves. Nature wasn't stupid and history now has a special place for this CO2 insanity, right beside flat earthers, witch burning and disco.
    There is a wave of denier pay back coming from the liberal ranks itself so get ahead of the curve you pandering politicians in lab coats and lazy copy and paste media. This was our Iraq War of lies and we need to get everybody off of this CO2 mistake if we are ever to regain power again.
    Let's be real progressives now that Climate Change is officially not an issue anymore, with voters, the ones with the real consensus that matters.