Northeastern Australia under water -

Northeastern Australia under water

Flood waters likely to remain high for another week


The flooding that has submerged an area of Queensland, Australia bigger than the size of British Columbia seems to have peaked at around nine metres, but Australian officials say it could be a at least a week before the Fitzroy River recedes. So far, the flood has affected about 200,000 people, and Queensland Premier Anna Bligh estimates the cost of recovery to be more than $5 billion. Another unexpected factor complicating resettlement plans: many regions are now awash with venomous snakes.

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Northeastern Australia under water

  1. When an area as big as Germany and France combined is underwater, maybe it's time to come up with alternative solutions. Like, maybe they should oak saplings from Canada. Maybe in ten thousand years, some of them will take root and grow, and provide oak casks for Australia's wine industry.

    I don't mean to make light of this, but the threat of global warming is an excellent opportunity to do things like plant swamp grass in Labrador, because, if the world is really turning upside down, we will have to find some way to adapt if we are to survive.

  2. Perhaps you might take a look at a map of Australia.

  3. Need to Know: That Queensland is in Northeastern Australia.