Norway is the best place to live -

Norway is the best place to live

Canada is fourth. Niger is last.


Move to Norway. You’ll live longer, read better and earn more money. That’s the conclusion of the United Nation’s annual Human Development Index, which ranks the quality of life in 182 countries according to life expectancy, literacy rates, school enrolment and national economies. Canada ranks fourth, while the United States comes in at 13th.

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Norway is the best place to live

  1. gonna move to norway thank you very much. canada is a good country if one is bigoted, arrogantly ignorant among other descriptions…. oh almost forgot if one loves a hideous closet dictator as leader who allows criminals to gain inroads in most neighborhoods via ecstasy manufacturing and pot growing in peoples basements etc. and hypocritically make a stand against a war that is killing young men and women and religious higher ups who are pedophiles and last but not least continue to suppress the talents and voice of reservation people in a third world conditions known as reservations under an act that is virtually irrelevant…..what is really hurting is the hate that flourishes as a result of this ignorance! but then who cares…people love to live in denial…oh yes there are some decent folk…. many many many decent folk! two sides to every story

  2. 'canada is a good country if one is bigoted'

    Well at least our immigrant friend delford is being forthright. He hates Canadians – he thinks we're racist, arrogant, and ignorant.

    Not exactly a novel belief among immigrants. Gosh, I sure love living in a country with hostile immigrants. Just kidding, it sucks, and I'm taking my degree and modest savings to America, where at least I can protect myself from hostile immigrants with a big, fat gun.

    Let's talk about how much immigrants hate Canadians, and how Maclean's and other unionized media outlets stoke that hate on a daily basis. Jack Mitchell – are you available for this discussion?

  3. 'immigrants hates us' writes with regard to nine (9) words in a brief comment by delford t louis, FYI, myself and family have lived in the usa and not once did we think (guns)…. ever! loved it there! ya gotta read the other stuff 'immigrants hate us' person, you are the one who mentioned guns not me…since you love guns so much maybe you should go where the big guns are….may be you are a son of a gun… or volunteer in an absurd war, there are a few to chose from! the word hate was used in the context of those who comment hatefully when the issue of reservations or reservation people are noted in all papers across this country including this rag… isn't there a law against inciting hate in canada? regretfully one has to dislike injustice and ignorance done to others either systemically or otherwise and consider these our greatest enemies (including ourselves until we learn to love ourselves we are our own worst enemy) any way, got our one way ticket to norway and we are outta here!

  4. i don't think there will be a rush of people wanting to move to norway and iceland any time soon

  5. I strongly disagree that moving to Norway can guarantee a long life and a better way of living. I still believe that our hearts belong to our biological country even matters concerning economic status, educations, security and lifestyles. Yeah! Norway is a rich country but it doesn't mean that people are rich. I rather consider Denmark and Canada are the best place for me to live.