Not enough skilled workers, Canadian bosses say


Canada’s economic growth could be severely hampered by a lack of skilled workers, according to a new C-Suite poll of Canadian executives reported in The Globe and Mail. Business leaders across the country say they can’t find workers the workers they need to do jobs like driving a truck or working at oil rigs, and they want the federal government to help out.

The article notes that “two-thirds of executives say they are having difficulty finding qualified employees, and one-third say the labour shortage is so severe it is preventing their company from growing as quickly as it could.”

Some highlights from the poll indicate Canadian bosses see immigration reform as a way to address the issue.

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Not enough skilled workers, Canadian bosses say

  1. AKA:  Save us from having to pay people enough to come do these jobs!

    • Maybe. Or maybe they think it’s faster than trying to get post-secondary schools to change their curricula and then encourage people to take the training.

      Undoubtedly, they don’t want to spent their own money and time providing the training…

  2. It’s a free market, people.  Your inability to get workers is inversely proportional to your willingness to pay more.

    • Absolutely. It’s the biggest lie when businesses whine about how they are having an “impossible” time filling positions. I am now making 1/5 of what I was just 5 years ago, and am very thankful to even have a job. Shortage my you-know-what

  3. Are you kidding me? There is not a shortage of skilled workers. The problem is that employers expect the work of 3 people from one person, and expect them to do it for $26,000 a year.

  4. I just quit a trucking job because they kept ripping me off on my pay.

    As a truck driver, I made more money 12 yrs ago, even 6 yrs ago.
    Considering my property taxes and gas prices have over doubled in that time, plus how everything else has gone way up in price.

    I don’t see it changing, not when there’s an endless supply of New Canadians willing to do it cheap.

  5. I’m only 31 years old, but I do seem to recall a time in the not-so-distant past when companies actually trained their employees.  

  6. Try offering apprentiships instead of bringing in misqualified people and handing out merry christmas trades tickets. Very few employers will train trades, but they expect t
    o hire certified tradesmen.

  7. Oh yes here we go again.. Lets be clear about one thing here theirs always job shortages in some areas of the economy regardless of how good or how bad the economy is. The real problem is companies not wanting to pay the wages for skilled workers  in the united states and canada so they always come up with the old sob story oh we can’t find the skilled workers we need help help they sound so very helpless don’t they.. Look if corporations are so very concerned about a skilled labor shortage why than are they laying off droves of skilled workers each and every single day. Why not offer the best and brightest college students a secure job at their company  long before they graduate from college. Why not train some of their best and brightest  employees to fill some of those jobs that they claim they can’t fill. Corporatations in the united states have 2 trillion dollars of cash sitting on their balance sheets use a little of it to find and train the people they need. I’m getting sick and tiried of hearing the old sob story about jobs shortages from corporate america   I don’t buy into this phony ploy for a minute.

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