Not exactly outwitting the cops -

Not exactly outwitting the cops

“Winnipeg’s worst car thieves” in action


Most drivers learn early that spitting out the window of a moving car is a bad idea. But the bumbling crooks identified in this story as “two of Winnipeg’s worst car thieves” apparently never learned the rudimentary physics of that lesson. Both were wearing electronic ankle bracelets imposed as a condition of previous sentences when they decided to steal a car. They cut off the tracking devices and threw them from the window of the speeding vehicle, not noticing when one of them flew, not to the roadside, but directly into the back seat. Thus, police knew exactly where they were; bending or breaking the bracelets sends authorities an instant alarm. One of the would-be thieves is just 18 years old, and has an extensive record. “You hope at some point the light will go on for him and he will realize this is ridiculous,” said a Winnipeg police officer. “Otherwise he’s going to end up doing a life sentence on the installment plan.”

Winnipeg Free Press

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Not exactly outwitting the cops

  1. This is what can happen when cousins marry, or when moms drink while pregnant.

  2. I thought our prisons had better training programs – whoever had these guys as their bitches needs to update their trianing methodology – this is so funny it has to be real – I remember awhile back the video of the guy who stole the car that a web cam on the dsah and he's yakking away talking about what would happen if the car was fake and he was on camera – then he stops does some more crack and laughs all the way to jail – good grief!