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Unleash the Biden meme: Ha

@LaughinJoeBiden draws followers and lolz on Twitter


Laughing Joe Biden: Storify is not an endorsement

Noted in the Twitterverse during the Veep debate on Thursday evening: An account inspired by the Vice President’s default response to Republican charges:

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lolLaughing Joe Biden
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: DLaughing Joe Biden
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: | http://pic.twitter.com/HF7tFqmtLaughing Joe Biden
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:D http://pic.twitter.com/wEKjzoSfLaughing Joe Biden
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Unleash the Biden meme: Ha

  1. Romney = Batman

    Ryan = Robin

    Obama = Riddler

    Biden = Joker

    • You’re lack of knowledge of the super villain hierarchy is shameful. Everyone knows that Joker > Riddler. Get a clue dummy.

      • I am the king of the Cenobites, your suffering will be legendary, even in hell…

        “daimon antichrist” sounds like a christian satanist… stupid name…

      • Iago:

        Divinity of Hell! When devils will the blackest of sins put on, they do suggest at first with heavenly shows, as I do now. (Othello)

        Egyptian Book of the Dead:

        Behold, I am Set, creator of confusion, creator of both the tempest and the storm throughout the length and breadth of the heavens.

        You are an illiterate jerk off.

    • Or

      Biden = Herman MunsterRyan = Eddie Munster
      and Eddie’s getting a good spanking.

      • Sodom Hussein Obama

        Obama bin Biden

        Hosni MuBarak Obama

        Hitlery Clintong

        Leon Puñettas