Noted on Twitter: Lil Wayne's life and (not really) near-death experience -

Noted on Twitter: Lil Wayne’s life and (not really) near-death experience

‘I’m good everybody,’ rapper tweets after rumours of his near demise


Noted on Twitter: Lil Wayne’s life and (not really) near-death experience

Superstar rapper Lil Wayne was taken to hospital on Friday with some reports suggesting he’d suffered a seizure. While no details were released, the gossip site TMZ reported that the rapper was near death:

Storified by Maclean’s Magazine· Sat, Mar 16 2013 06:02:35

Lil Wayne Hospitalized Again for Seizures … Sources Say #BreakingTMZ
#BREAKING Lil Wayne In CRITICAL Condition After More Seizures
@tmz y’all deleted the shit outta this tweet huh P
The TMZ reports fuelled more reports and speculation about the rapper’s condition: 
Is lil Wayne really dead
UPDATE: TMZ says Lil Wayne ‘"being prepared for last rites," but friends deny Post
The musician’s camp denied reports: 
Wayne is alive and well! We watching the Syracuse game…thanks for the prayers and concern..he will update you all soon. #loveMack Maine
We will be releasing an official statement shortly but dont believe the nonsense about comas and tubes to breathe…that’s false!!Mack Maine
@LilTunechi bout to send a tweet out to kill this and everyone can go back to what they were doingMack Maine
… as fans prayed for his recovery: 
Lets pray for Lil Wayne and hope he pulls through.Tom Green
Pray for LiL WayneKing Los
Praying for Lil Wayne & family..Please get better soon.. Too much love for him!! RT C’mon #prayersıhan Boynukısa
Just after nine on Friday night, there was a tweet from @LilTunechi, aka Lil Wayne, aka Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.: 
I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.Lil Wayne WEEZY F
Best tweet I’ve ever read in my whole life. @LilTunechi #thanktheLORD Pioggia
The Twitterverse was quick to make jokes and point fingers, while TMZ apparently updated its Twitterfeed: 
Lil Wayne Reportedly Near Death, or Watching Basketball Reporter
BREAKING NEWS: Thousand of people on Twitter just realized TMZ is a gossip site. Maybe a “news” site, but not a news site.Robert Hernandez
Lil Wayne lives on, as do his horrible lyricsEvil Mike Tomlin
UPDATE: TMZ has removed report saying Lil Wayne was given last rites; no explanation given Politics
DEVELOPING: .@TMZ has deleted part of it’s update on Lil Wayne: Before: – Now: – @buzzfeednewsNewsBreaker

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Noted on Twitter: Lil Wayne’s life and (not really) near-death experience

  1. stay strong this world stil needs u bro

    • We need AIDs more than we need this egocentric hack.

    • Are you out of your god damn mind. We don’t need this piece of shit. wat a shame

      • Jesus Christ guys! He’s a f*cking human being. So what if he makes some shitty music! Just don’t listen to it!

        • his image is damaging to society

          • this tells kids that they can get high on codeine and other drugs and still survive even when they arent suppose to

  2. Tmz was probably accurate in their original story, then Wayne began to stabilize and his rapper friends, record label and PR people went into damage control. For this publication to claim he didn’t really have a near death experience is pretty short sighted and naieve.

  3. You’re shortsighted and naive if you really think TMZ is a credible news source, people who follow other people around hoping for some information on their lives are nothing but bottom feeders, Perez Hilton and the losers at tmz are the remora fish of society