Noted on Twitter: Dogs in front of TVs watching Westminster Kennel Club show


Noted on Twitter: People tweeting photos of dogs watching the Westminster dog show

It’s the 137th edition of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. While some 2,700 dogs are in New York for the competition, others are catching the event on the tube:

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Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Bentley is not impressed http://pic.twitter.com/mVS1qGpBMatt Beaver
@CarmelTaff even my dog is watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with me http://pic.twitter.com/pnfO5KBHKristine Coyne
Snowy watching the #westminster kennel club dog show. http://pic.twitter.com/s0UfwVKkMarianne Meyers
I’m gonna grow up to be a Westminster kennel club bear! @henrymabee @snobunniemel #workbear http://pic.twitter.com/d3a370P5Ossa
Gibson watching the Westminster Dog Show :) http://pic.twitter.com/U1mIcYNwDawn Rotta
Watching the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show? Coolest breed so far? Pharaoh Hound. What do you think Stella? http://pic.twitter.com/0yioFXCYKaren Taff
Louie was intentsly watching the Westminster dog show! Hahah http://pic.twitter.com/99afyOlsCharlie Santilli
Me and Wyatt watching the dog show he loves it #Westminster http://pic.twitter.com/h2mtFqVtCasey Kennett
Westminster Dog Show. Jeb is in his happy place. http://pic.twitter.com/maCtwGkEJaci Greggs
My dog likes to watch the Westminster Dog Show…and pass judgment on the other pooches. http://pic.twitter.com/ntKfioTJTom Helland
Gertie wishes she was a show dog #sillypug http://pic.twitter.com/Mw9zKQNPDylan Scinta
Watching the Westminster kennel club dog show 2012 with Lando. #dogsofinstagram #wkcdogs http://pic.twitter.com/ev6UdVIsSonia Orban-Price
Trying to get Frank and Bailey to watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show with me, they say screw that shit! http://pic.twitter.com/1kxLu3TfLinda S Hinds
And then they finally figured out the dog show might last a while & figured they’d get comfy! http://pic.twitter.com/GwibvXB6Dawn Rotta

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