Noted on Twitter: Shovelled driveways

Snow falls, Tweeps shovel and then tell the world


Noted on Twitter: Shovelled driveways

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Only driveway on the block that’s shovelled #proud http://pic.twitter.com/LnnWJklMTony Sidhu
Shovelled my 4-car driveway for the first time in my life :) LOL #BestWorkoutEver #ProudOfMyself http://pic.twitter.com/IzD72s9FSouky B.
2 hours of shoveling my driveway http://pic.twitter.com/iwPDnLJpAnthony Battaglia
Just shovelled the driveway! WTH looks like I didn’t even touch it !!!!! 1/2 http://pic.twitter.com/fwf5ZOU0DJ Raz
It’s 5 pm and Cathy is shoveling snow. Yes, I helped. Clearing a foot off walk is hard. Plow comes in am 4 driveway. http://pic.twitter.com/ChEKz3onPJ Lassek
Driveway shovelled! #nosnowblowerhere #nosmallfeat #solojob #SNOW! http://pic.twitter.com/sUmC37yiEmily Tohana
This is why having a big driveway sucks..shovelled that whole thing by myself and now I’m dead http://pic.twitter.com/7X7uCwSZxozoxo
"Driveway shovelled for $2?" Shoulda seen their eyes light up when I said I’d give them $10! #noshovel @CanadianProbz http://pic.twitter.com/Fbl4PX9BKyle Rutledge
Shovelled 5% of the driveway for the first time in my life. Goodbye arm. http://pic.twitter.com/NU4XlGMtZarah Hasratian
For all of those who doubted me, yes, I did shovel my whole driveway #proudmoment #accomplished http://pic.twitter.com/QSdT1lU3Jordana Di Saverio
First I shoveled out the driveway. Then I shoveled out the truck. http://pic.twitter.com/19UjsDkcthepuckdude
Anyone else need there driveway shovelled? #Michael #CheapPrice http://pic.twitter.com/9FOkzggDAlex Brown

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Noted on Twitter: Shovelled driveways

  1. Anybody needs to brush up on THEIR spelling? Michael does.

  2. Correction: It is not Michael but Alex who needs a lesson in spelling.

  3. Some great twitter pictures of snow shovelled driveways, just shows what can be achieved with a bit of elbow grease!



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