Noted: The end of Movember

The best we can say is that it was all for a good cause

Noted on Twitter: The last day of Movember

The best we can say is that it was all for a good cause:

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@_boldblonde_ I got food stuck in mine on the last day #movember Gent
Movember Realness Lambert
Here’s both of our moustaches at the end of Movember 2012 – Watts & TSB
Our #Movember Champion for 2012 is @george792 with this very impressive moustache!! Well done from #KCFM KCFM
I’ll Miss You Movember Warren
The stache for #movember Bartolo
#Movember Nelson
Round of applause for an outstanding duster from @TheEliTowner #Movember #TeamMashStacheIII
Last look at the mo’ b4 it goes away! Still time to donate! thanks to all who have donated! XO ‘Man’ Pak
Congrats Mo bro’s, a lot of money has been raised for a great cause. #Mo #Movember #BringonDecembeard Townsend
Yea baby. #movember Jackson
#movember #noShaveNovember @keshasuxx #putyourbeardinmymouth day 30 Stadtfeld
Day 30 of Movember Hennessey
@Movember #lastday #fumanchu K
Farewell MOvember myers
The final product. #ShoYoMo Seriously? 30 days and this is it? Donate #Movember #saveballs dimitrie
Dirty #ungh #movember @James15Anderson @TheEdwards96 @tfarnes96
Say goodbye philievers. #movember
The after math of Movember #poormoustache Reynolds


Noted: The end of Movember

  1. A moustache/beard doesn’t look right on everybody, but it definitely looks gorgeous on some….you wanna look manly? This is the way to do it.

    Keep ‘em guys!

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