Nova Scotians told to brace for Hurricane Earl -

Nova Scotians told to brace for Hurricane Earl

The storm is barreling toward the southern part of the province


Hurricane Earl appears poised to hit southern Nova Scotia, and a tropical storm watch has been issued for three counties in the province. As Hurricane Earl continues towards the Maritimes, Environment Canada warned the people of Yarmouth, Shelburne and Queens counties to prepare themselves and listen for further announcements. Chris Fogarty, program supervisor for the Canadian Hurricane Centre, said Earl is tracking slightly more to the west, towards southwestern Nova Scotia or the Bay of Fundy. “That would put Nova Scotia pretty much right on the windiest side of the storm,” he said on Thursday. Though Earl is expected to arrive Saturday, it’s too early to know exactly where or when, and there’s only a 50 per cent chance the storm will be hurricane strength. Whatever happens, Environment Canada says it’s likely the Maritimes will get high winds and heavy rains on the weekend.

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Nova Scotians told to brace for Hurricane Earl

  1. I better get my emergency kit together then.

    • sure hope folks take this one as more than more than a bit of wind. get things ready and batten down the hatches.wishin t y'all the the best maties gordo

  2. We're totally prepared this time. We were without electricity, etc. for 5+ days. Only worry is 3 very large hemlocks near the back deck and some v. large Maples. They survived Juan but never know this time. We & our neighbours lost many large trees, so much that I had to change many of my gardens from shade to sun loving ones.

    • PS – Good site to check out is

    • My hats off to you East Coasters, you are a hardy breed of cat out there.. You folks will take this in stride and after its all over and done with , you'll clean up the mess and claim, ''it could have been worse'' Good Luck and be safe…….

      • Thanks TN.for your good wishes. BTW, I lived in Mtl. until I was 26 when I moved back to NS, my Mom's birthplace.

        • Your welcome..If Mom was born there ,than it's in your blood… Where ever in the world your life journey takes you, you will always have a love for Bologna, and Lobster….aaah the good life….

  3. I am just about ready for Earl. Gotta gas up, pick up extra pound of bologna, and a quick trip to the liquor store.

    • Bologna :-) Have already bought our stock of wine and other than things being tied down on upper & lower deck, we're ready.

  4. Take a breath folks. It's just a storm and this is hurricane season — sort of like an ordinary winter blizzard in regions that have snow storms in the winter.
    It's no big deal unless the hurricane decides to swing a little west just before it gets to New York and swamps Wall Street. And even if that took place, it's a long weekend and the brokers and bankers will be watching it comfortably from their condominiums and adjusting their computer programs so they can work from home.

    • Sort of like an ordinary winter blizzard that could leave you without power, access to the grocery store, gas station, and for those on wells without the means to flush your toilet or have a shower….for a week. We saw it with Juan and let's face it, preparedness is everything right now. I'm hoping that it's just some strong winds and some rain and that it takes a different path, but I'm preparing for much worse than that. Having windows break in your house and scrambling for a means to cover them while the wind is howling past at 157 km/hr is no 'just a winter storm' for anyone.

      • This time will fill up our bathtub also to flush toilet. Before Juan we did not get proper notification. At least the weather was mild then. I stayed up watching that howling wind until wee hours in the morning. It was fascinating, but scary. We and other neighbours had lots of downed trees. Thankfully, our experiences were minor in comparison to those who experienced the ice storm in PQ, Ont. and other places.

  5. A hurricane is "just a storm"? Like an ordinary "blizzard"? Very ignorant remark. Sorry. But if you know anything about hurricanes, you know that's a dangerously ignorant attitude. Sure, most hurricanes turn out to be "nothing." But — and it's a HUGE "but" — the Eastern Seaboard has been told by scientists for decades now that we're overdue for a deadly hurricane like that of 1938. What happened in 1938? Thousands died at boats at sea; thousands of boats were tossed out of the water like kindling; literally thousands of homes were destroyed by falling trees and monster winds; roads were washed away; and hundreds of buildings literally were washed away on Long Island, NY, and the Rhode Island and Connecticut coast . . . disappeared forever. And, mind you, those places had only a tiny fraction of the buildings and population that are there now). So, sure, an ignoramous can tell people not to worry, because most of the time it turns out NOT to be "the big one." But the big one is coming one of these days, for sure, and only a fool doesn't prepare.

  6. we have had many big storms but the most of us do prepare for them…our houses are made pretty sturdy but it only takes the wind to hit the right way….the key is to prepare…prepare….i always make sure i do…many have laughed at me but one of these storms they wont be laughing…so battin down the hatches everyone….bluenoser

    • Totally agree. Better to be prepared than sorry. We'll end up using all the stuff we bought anyway and it may take a few hours to secure all our deck furniture, etc. but would rather do that than it do damage to our place or a neighbours.