Now Karzai moves against women in Afghan politics -

Now Karzai moves against women in Afghan politics

More bad news about his controversial decree


News that Afghan President Hamid Karzai issued a decree changing his country’s election laws has stirred controversy over his removal of independent foreign members from the Electoral Complaints Commission—the watchdog agency that uncovered cheating by Karzai’s own campaign in last year’s presidential elections. Now, another dubious element in the decree is
coming to light. Karzai is giving his operatives the authority to reduce the number of women in the Afghan parliament. Up to now, women were guaranteed two seats per province in the lower house of parliament, a mechanism designed to promote women’s rights in a country where they have often been under siege. It’s been a bragging point for countries, like Canada, touting
the emergence of Afghan democracy. But Karzai’s decree would apparently waive the two-per-province quota where not enough women were on the ballot.

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Now Karzai moves against women in Afghan politics

  1. Looks likes he’s trying to make it hard for us to continue to prop up his regime. On the other hand, maybe he suspects that the West is soon to abandon him, and so he is consolidating his power.

  2. Western Society must come to terms with the fact that our ideology does not mix with Islam. Women are second hand citizens in Islamic countries. The muslim faith is absolute. There are no other ways to live, to think and act. You cannot question or oppose the beliefs in this faith. I often wondered if George Lucas mirrored Islam when creating the sith!
    This religion is spreading like a disease, eating away the freedoms that millions died for in past wars.
    Western Society had better wake up soon and realize that Islam is at war. So far they are winning. The first victory will be marked when a European nation includes Sharia law. Netherlands is a battle ground!
    Do not let these western Muslims trick you into believing the Muslim faith is peaceful. Like any religion the Muslim faith is open to interpretation and unfortunately the Qur'an leaves lots of room for violent interpretation.

  3. I've heard about keyboards like yours- they can only type in stereo.

  4. I Disagree with JWB. Let us remember the roots of Islam! When the Prophet Mohammad married Khadija she was a business woman and Aisha was very politically involved. The first mosque was a public forum in which women spoke freely. Islam is not absolute, the idiots implementing their form of islam today are absolute. Please do not be ignorant land mix the two. It is specifically your closed minded opinions that feed the flames of these uneducated fools, how are you any different?

  5. I disagree with Alaa. What the creator of Islam did or did not do in a mythological period 14 centuries ago has no bearing on the world today. We in the West have to judge the "only one truth faith" by how its practitioners conduct themselves today. And recent history shows us that where Islam takes over… freedom dies. After all, millions of Christians in the West of not risking life and limb to leave here and immigrate to the Muslim world.

  6. I agree with JWB ,but I disagree with both Alaa and patch. I think those who believe in the myth of Jesus that happened more than 14 centuries ago are not any better. The real Islam is violent, exclusive and there is no room for respect for any one else but those who are Muslims, If they allow non Muslims to live ,that would be the greatest mercy that they ever practice. I take issues with so called moderate Muslims who like to say that every violent command of Islam or Quran has some allegorical meaning beyond human understanding, and all the good things are real. Those radicals are real Muslims and the nice and amicable Western variety is an anomaly. Karzai has been supported by all the Champions of women's lib in Canada and the west . If any one thinks that in a few years Afghan women will be running around in swim suits ,inspired by the good intentioned Canadians and too desperate to please Americans(I mean our Prime minister) must be living in a fools Paradise. Actually it is a willing suspension of disbelief and some kind of Idiotic optimism when they like to believe that they are really liberating women and spreading freedom. No army can liberate them if they want to live in the self made prison of Islam. Canadian Military is simply a foolhardy accomplice in a more sinister master plan pitting those countries against each other so that they forget to hate America and kill each other instead. All in the name of freedom.

  7. It's unfortunate the West's high profile institutions of feminism have all been stricken dumb since 9/11, otherwise they might have something to say about this.

    BTW If you haven't seen it yet, rent "Osama" at your video store. It's all about life in Afghanistan for women. It's scarier than a Steven King epic.

  8. Trim, we don't disagree on much.

    I think we should pull our troops out of Afghanistan. Attempting to bring democracy to a Muslim country is worse than a fool's errand. (Heck, we can't even get Muslims already living in the West to buy into our system.) I think Western Involvement (aka interference) in the Islamic world should come to an end, if only for our own long-term survival. Concomitantly, we must end Islamic interference in the West. Why do we keep allowing potential jihadists to settle here?

    I am a Christian AND a fervent believer in democracy. And you very well know the difference between Christianity and Islam. It's why you can openly insult my faith (popular TV shows, ones that I love, do it all the time), confident that no one is going to call for your death. That's because, as a democrat, I believe in free speech. I also believe in the separation of church and state. It is thanks to this democratic ideal that I enjoy the right to freely practice my faith without government interference… an option not available to me under Islam.

  9. Trim, one other point by way of illustration. You can tell me to my face that Jesus is a fake, a fraud, a myth… and I, like any average Christian, will just shrug. My beliefs, my business; your beliefs, your business.

    What response, however, do you think you'd get if you told a Muslim straight up the same things about Mohammed, the creator of his religion? Have you ever tried it?