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‘Nuff said


Thanks Jamie.

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‘Nuff said

  1. Sidney Crosby runs stop signs.

  2. Here I was wracking my brain trying to translate "HALAK". Turkish? Albanian? Romany?

  3. It's "Stop" in Klingon.

  4. Absolutely fantastic, but he's gonna have to win a few more series before they'll elect him in York Centre ;)

  5. Red lights too!

  6. My favourite hockey nickname ever: Andre "Red Light" Racicot.

  7. Go Habs!

    As a Canucks fan, I'd love to see these two teams in the final.

  8. Don't get cute with me. That's too many vowels for Klingon.

  9. Or appoint him in Quebec.

  10. The "l" is silent.

  11. Didn't you see the picture? He's Jesus. You can't be a Quebec MP and have those kinds of religious ties.

  12. What heart. What heart!

  13. I love the photo.

    But the post-season Bleu-Blanc-Rouge have been a delight to follow AS A TEAM because they are a band of small davids who should, by some analyses, not even deserve to be there, and yet managed to collectively take down Goliath. Maybe I should use Liliputians snaring the giant as the analogy instead. Blocked shots? Through the roof. The Best Power Play In The NHL(tm)? Held to one-for-whatever-it-was — that's just insane. Ovechkin was smothered, and the rest of the Caps still had no room to take advantage of open ice from the defensive focus on Ovi.

    Yeah, no question, Halak has been incredible. But this last series was very much a team victory.