Nuisance beavers on notice -

Nuisance beavers on notice

PEI contracts trappers to kill 150 of them


Prince Edward Island’s rivers are infested with so-called “nuisance beavers,” the National Post reports, whose dams are causing flooding, killing trees, contaminating water and interfering with fish migration, and so the provincial government has contracted three professional trappers to kill over 150 of them. The province has a new “beaver policy” and a permanent committee to deal with “beaver problems affecting highways,” it says. After this summer’s beaver cull, their pelts will be sold. Environmental officer Shelley Cole-Arbing said the move is in the “interest of public safety.” Beavers are multiplying because they have no natural predators, and the number of trappers has dwindled. In 2009, a report from the Atlantic Salmon Federation said the salmon run would be gone from at least three PEI rivers if beavers weren’t culled.

National Post

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Nuisance beavers on notice

  1. lol beavers rock dont kill them

  2. Oh fur crying out loud! ;)
    This is what help found Canada, remember?
    Beaver pelts fetched a good price at the beginning enough for others to come settle here.

    Had to have them removed from a creek near where we live. They were taking down all the poplar trees along the creek. I love animals and all and any animal in my care is well taken care of but – humans can take good actions when it comes to nuisance wild life.

    Those from the city may not understand.

    Obviously there are other beavers in the wild in the area already as where did the ones that were removed from our area come from?
    Migratory birds, fish, raccoons, deer, wild turkey, fox, herons, ducks, geese, owls, hawks, squirrels, mice and many other species of wildlife would not be able to live, feed, mate or nest in this area if the beavers had build their dam and flooded it.

    Since all these other wildlife are already squeezed in with the farming and rural life this would be very harmful to them by allowing one species to come in and dominate this vital area for the many others that are depenent on it.

  3. Why don't we just kill all wildlife they just get in OUR self important way.
    Deer and moose collide with OUR cars,woodpeckers drill into OUR trees,coyots,cougars, grizzleys attacking people because their getting in the way of OUR housing developments.
    A few years ago, people in the west island of Montreal were complaining about a flock of crows that had gathered there (it made the news) they were putting droppings all over their cars and roofs,get rid of them.they were also complaining about some DIRTY rats that were gathering in a certain area,they were only there because they were cleaning up the garbage and litter that the humans threw there.
    Beavers play an important role,they make wetlands that are important for all kinds of animals, frogs,birds,insects, which give food for predatory animals,etc.They create a cycle of life in the area.
    But we are just to arrogant and selfish to leave them be.
    How is it that wildlife managed to get by before we came along? I would have to say that maybe we are the ones that are in their way.