Number of working moms has doubled since 1976 -

Number of working moms has doubled since 1976

Nearly three quarters of mothers were employed in 2009


A new study by Statistics Canada shows that, in 2009, 72.9 per cent of women with children under the age of 16 living at home were employed. That number is twice the rate of 39.1 per cent recorded in 1976. Meantime, the number of working moms with children under the age of three has grown even faster: in 2009, it was 64.4 per cent, compared to 27.6 per cent in 1976. The study also showed that while more women are working than in 1976, they are comparatively less represented in the work force than their male counterparts: 58.3 per cent of working-age females are currently employed, compared to 65.2 per cent of men.

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Number of working moms has doubled since 1976

  1. What these statistics aren't telling us is how many of these working moms are without a husband in the home. There is a very large number of single moms throughout the country and the statistics should show how many working moms are still with their husbands and how many are not.
    That would be a true statistic and it might give the reason why so many moms are now working or seeking work.

  2. alternate headline:
    "progressives rejoice: families once able to support themselves on one income now need two"

    • Partisan much?

      Most of these women are working because they must, not because they are ideological feminists if that was your point.