Nurse involved in hoax phone call to Duchess Kate found dead -

Nurse involved in hoax phone call to Duchess Kate found dead

Reports say the woman may have committed suicide


One of the staff members involved in a prank phone call made to Kate, duchess of Cambridge, while she was in hospital has died, King Edward VII hospital in London confirmed Friday.

The woman, who is reported to be the nurse who was working at hospital reception, was found dead at a London address near the hospital, reports The Guardian.

According to another report in the Daily Mail, police suspect that the woman may have committed suicide.

The hospital identified the woman as Jacintha Saldanha, a mother of two. “Jacintha has worked at the King Edward VII Hospital for more than four years,” says the statement. “She was an excellent nurse and well respected and popular with all over her colleagues.”

The call in question occurred on Dec. 5 when two Australian radio hosts pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles called the hospital and were transferred to a nurse on Kate’s ward. That nurse then gave out confidential information about Kate’s condition.

The hosts later apologized for their actions. “We were very surprised that our call was put through, we thought we’d be hung up on as soon as they heard our terrible accents,” said host Michael Christian, who pretended to be Prince Charles. “We’re very sorry if we’ve caused any issues and we’re glad to hear that Kate is doing well.”

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Nurse involved in hoax phone call to Duchess Kate found dead

  1. Are you glad to hear about the nurse as well, you pricks? Yeah, she shouldn’t have put the call through, but did you really need to be making it just for a laugh? I wonder how much flack she caught from her fellow staffers for trying to do her job and let family members through?

    • Yeah, everybody is to blame that the nurse killed herself!… She was clearly depressed and in need of treatment. A normal person does not kill herself because of a prank, so stop pointing fingers. People have been playing pranks on each other forever, and no normal person commits suicide because of it. She would have done it anyway, if not for this for any other reason.

      • Pranks on each other. Not on random strangers. That’s the critical difference. Just as I wouldn’t play a prank on a depressed friend, because it’s thoughtless and cruel, neither would I attempt to do so to a complete stranger — specifically *because* they might not be in a place where they’re able to laugh it off, as this nurse seems to have been.

        That someone would shows just how callous they are, and by reflection, how callous and contemptible those who support them are.

  2. I am disgusted with most comments I am reading on various news sites. Most of these people commenting against the radio show hosts were probably laughing when the hoax went on, yet now are acting as if they are all against the radio show hosts.
    I am not saying the radio show hosts are innocent; In fact I thought the hoax was pretty lame. Ultimately, the media is to blame for this as they are the ones who blow these kind of stories out of proportion and probably made multiple efforts to contact this poor nurse.
    Will and Kate are having a baby… great! Good for them, I am very happy for them, but why should we care so much about two people and their child to be? The significance of the Royal Family is… non significant; yet the media still acts as if, and portray these people to be better than any “commoner.”
    I hope Will and Kate have more respect for the people and initiate the process of ridding of the Monarchy.

    • how does that change anything? its part of Englands history to have the monarchy. They dont think they are better then anyone, actually they seem more in touch with the people then most political figures.

      Someone who takes their own life over something like that had deeper issues then some stupid prank. Enough said

    • I am disgusted that you are disgusted There, now go and be disgusted because I am disgusted that you are disgusted.

  3. Good heavens, the radio hosts are not responsible for this poor woman’s death; she must have been seriously depressed long before that call to commit suicide.

  4. There is not a person alive who doesn’t know about patient confidentiality. Including the two jokers in Oz. Once they got put through they should have realised they had over stepped and ceased the call. Even a DJ has the smarts to know that the info they were being provided with was personal medical information and it would not be the kind of thing that they would spread over the airwaves about themselves.
    How would they react if somebody got access to their medical records or those of their family and decided to broadcast it around in public. The internet never forgets and karma can be a b*tch.