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NY Times preparing for paperless future

“We will stop printing,” says publisher, “date TBD”


Maybe this was obvious, but the publisher of the New York Times has nonetheless sent a shock wave through the media industry by predicting the demise of the print version of the grey old lady. Arthur Sulzberger didn’t pin a date to that momentous change, though reports have suggested it could happen within five years. He was speaking at a media conference in London, where the economics of print publishing in the digital age has been front and centre, along with the Times‘s plan to set up a pay wall for its online edition within the next year. “We believe that serious media organisations must start to collect additional revenue from their readers,” Sulzberger told the crowd, adding: “information is less and less yearning to be free.” When asked about rumours the Times would go entirely digital by 2015, he said: “We will stop printing the New York Times sometime in the future, date TBD.”

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NY Times preparing for paperless future

  1. Guess, I *will* have to go buy an ipad.

  2. I read BOTH the paper and digital versions and the NYT will just hurt themselves when and if they go to an all digital version. There are TONS of alternate sources of news online and it would be unfortunate if they did go the route of all digital and behind a pay wall. Ultimately they would be shooting themselves in the foot by doing so. An online pay version has proven to be a colossal failure for the WSJ and Newsday so why would a supposedly intelligent editor follow that model?

    The dual model of paper and virtual version can be a success story if handled properly.