NYC offers homeless one-way ticket out of town

Mayor defends controversial program


The concept of “out of sight, out of mind” is taking on new meaning in New York City, where the homeless are offered one-way tickets to go back whence they came. In city hall on Wednesday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke out in support of the controversial program, which was launched quietly in 2007. According to Bloomberg, the cost of paying for bus tickets or airfare to ship the homeless out of town is “trivial” compared to the US$36,000 per year to provide shelter for a homeless family. Since it was established, the program has paid for one-way tickets to such international destinations as Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti and Ukraine. As for whether they find jobs when they return to their hometowns, Bloomberg says, “I don’t know.”

The New York Times

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NYC offers homeless one-way ticket out of town

  1. As someone in touch with street people and at risk of homelessness herself, I don't think this is a bad idea. True, there's no altruistic motive behind the program; Bloomberg is trying to shuffle NYC's homeless problem onto other communities. However, why he's doing it doesn't matter if the result may help some homeless people. A few may have family members who would willingly take them in. However, their relatives may not have the money to cover their travel expenses or have the means for ensuring they've obtained the proper ID and a passport.

  2. I sure hope Calgary starts a program like this soon.

  3. Michael Bloomberg must have talked this over with Ralph Klein. Now if Canada would do this with bogus refugee claimants.