Obama agrees to postpone job speech

Original timing would coincide with GOP nomination debate


U.S. President Barack Obama has postponed an important speech on jobs by one day, conceding to House Speaker John Boehner, who maintained that certain votes could not be rescheduled. Obama and Boehner exchanged a series of letters, each promptly released to the media, over the issue. Obama had requested to address Congress on September 7, the same night Texas Governor Rick Perry is to participate in his first Republican presidential nomination debate. Boehner, himself a Republican, denied the president’s request in a public letter. Soon afterwards, the White House agreed to postpone the speech until the following night, September 8, also the same night as the first regular season NFL game. Congressional historian Betty Koed told the New York Times that this may be the first time a president’s request to address Congress has been rejected.

The New York Times


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Obama agrees to postpone job speech

  1. We don’t need a speech on jobs on either side of the border we need enforcement of our immigration laws and an end to immigration in general, which compromises Canadian and American  workers in all occupation categories.  We need fewer politicians and union leaders on the take from the immigration lobby and/or foreign gov’ts to keep current, stupid immigration policies in place.

    • Everyone in this country is an immigrant….some just came earlier than others.

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