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Obama and Palin go to war again

Barack the Barbarian takes on Palin in a cape


A new comic book series features Barack the Barbarian taking on “the overpaid despots of the time” and their champion Sarah Palin, who sports a cape made from wolf skin, her trademark glasses—and very little else. Chicago-based publishers Devil’s Due asks readers to follow the adventures of “Barack, Sorceress Hilaria, her demi-god trickster husband Biil, Overlord Boosh and Chainknee of the Elephant Kingdom. Who can the lone barbarian trust, if anyone?”


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Obama and Palin go to war again

  1. ROFL – this works. My favorite Conan line is when he was asked about the best part of being a warrior (Arnold’s version) = The pillaging of the enemys villages and lamentation of their women … LMAO

  2. Well Obama the barbarian is not alone in this fight with this villian for there also is a Shaman warrior spirit taking the wolf fur off of Palin and giving it back to the wolf clan where it belongs For i have found out recently of her war against nature and natures children she is responsable for the slaughter of many and i mean many!!wolves and their pups,bears,critters of many types and starving out my people this last year threw the over fishing and raising the price of heating oil and food and siding with big business over all that i protect so Obama is not alone in this fight against a common enemy.But i fight for my people,nature,and natures children.