Obama and Romney woo indendents by keeping mum on health care


In the United States, Republicans and Democrats can finally agree on something—candidates for both parties are tired of debating the merits of Obamacare. They only wish their constituents felt the same way.

President Obama’s plan to extend health care coverage to uninsured Americans, which was tabled in 2009 and upheld in a Supreme Court ruling last week, has been galvanizing voters and fundraisers on both ends of the political spectrum. Candidates, however, say the issue is simply too polarizing, and Democrats and Republicans alike are trying to keep the controversial ruling out of their stump speeches as they fight to win over independents.

With the two presidential candidates polling closely together, and seats in Congress up for grabs, appealing to independent voters is becoming more and more vital as November draws nearer.

Americans, however, are still riled up about health care. Try as they may to sideline the debate, it’s become clear to candidates that, for voters, Obamacare is the defining issue of the 2012 election.

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