Obama and the confusion in the GOP


One thing is apparent these days in Washington: The Republicans are lost and confused, and Obama is baiting them into making strategic mistakes. Rather than face off against a popular president coming off a decisive electoral victory, the GOP should be in a constructive mode. To oppose is a legitimate course, but it must be done on the basis of principle. Instead, the Republicans have come up with a document they tout as an alternative to the Obama budget. And they did this after the president used the oldest trick in the book—challenge your opponent to present an alternative. The GOP took the bait and the results have been disastrous.

John Boehner and Eric Cantor have to be the least-appealing spokespersons in recent memory for their party. Newt Gingrich may have been controversial, but at least he was thoughtful and smart. These two only add to the impression the Republican party is not playing its role as a loyal opposition. At the same time, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Steele, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, Dick Cheney, and others are sending mixed signals, which will only ensure that Barack Obama gets his way. The Obama budget was an opportunity to debate the direction of the country. Such a debate is healthy for democracy. But the GOP failed to take a constructive and principled approach to it.

Obama has brought a new energy to the political game. His ability to inspire Americans at this crucial time in its history is welcome. But Obama is more than a charismatic leader; he is also a very talented politician. In two months, he has succeeded in making Rush Limbaugh the face of the GOP and provoked the Republicans into hiding behind an improvised model of a budget. In the process, the current Republican leadership has been discredited and those waiting in the wings cannot seem to get their message straight. Obama’s ability to successfully exploit GOP confusion may have more to do with his his ability to pass legislation than his obvious rhetorical talent.


Obama and the confusion in the GOP

  1. What principle,I ask.They should be ashamed to have the country in such a mess.
    These guyshave no principle.Retrogrades with no class . I can buy economic conservatism but not that social conservative crap . They are against a woman“s right to choose. They oppose gay marriage. They condemn stem cell research . they are dinosaurs .Boehner is dumb and we know why he prononces his name `BAYNOR`;. Cantor is an arrogant type. Palin is coo-coo. Thompson is lazy and baggy looking . So Obama can easily handle these idiots . I liked Bush because of compassionate conservatism . But he was neither . He was a war monger , the kind that jwl likes . He ended as the worst president ever .
    Yeah Obama has talent but these Republicans are incompetent dummies .Not too hard for Obama to eat them up .

  2. Hasn’t Harper been trying to challenge Igantieff to present an alternative? So far, Iggy has resisted the temptation to take the bait. This just might reinforce that decision.

    • Good point Wotcher.Iggy should avoid falling for any Tory ply. Read Ian Brodie`s confeence at McGill. What cynicism . Harper ,Bush ,the Republicans. They are all the same.
      Right wing loonies.
      Hail Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Iggy is next and Harper will soon be toast .

  3. Is Parisella’s whole reason for blogging to just write a summary of what everyone else is writing, passed off under his name? Honestly, if you’ve read a sentence written by any semi-intelligent American commentator (even something written by a few contributors to, say, the NRO), you’ll get a whole lot more original thinking and insight than you get from the sum total of everything Parisella has had to say on Macleans…

    • Perhaps you should demand a refund for what you paid to read his blog posting.

      • So…it’s crazy to expect that Macleans’ coverage of the political landscape of our biggest trading partner is, at the very least, ever-so-slightly informed?

        • matthew ….Cool it
          This blog has identified the problem with the GOP weeks before others . Granted , Parisella is more to the left but he has steadfastly argued for a conservative alternative to Obama. Moreover , whille he seems to favor Obama , he wants him challenged and tested . Besides all pundits touch each other`s perspective . Parisella saw something in Obama before others but he has been more balanced lately . But I agree with what he said in this blog.Bloggers should not be objective or people like you and me would say nothing .
          Take a valium , Matthew .

  4. You watch this week . The Republicans will have a budget proposal that will be more responsible than the president’s

    • Something they never achieved while in government.

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