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Obama appeals for unity at Tucson memorial

President leads U.S. in “national catharsis”


At the memorial for the six victims of Saturday’s shootings in Tucson, President Barack Obama conveyed the nation’s sympathies and confronted the polarizing divisions that many say have fueled and been fueled by violence. Addressing a capacity crowd at the University of Arizona, Obama eulogized the deceased while appealing for unity and calm. “At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized, at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do,” said Obama, “it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds.” He congratulated Daniel Hernandez, Giffords’ intern who tended to her wounds amidst a hail of gunfire, possibly saving her life, as well as the individuals who disarmed Jared Lee Loughner as he was reloading his weapon. The crowd of 14,000 erupted in cheer when Obama reported that after visiting her in hospital, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords “opened her eyes for the first time.”

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Obama appeals for unity at Tucson memorial

  1. Obama should have apologized to Sarah Palin for the hateful rhetoric his radical leftist supporters were using in their attacks on her. Especially since Palin was one of the few public figures to respond to the shooting with dignity and respect.

    • That's right, we must always remember that with any tragedy no matter how great or small, Sarah Palin is always the REAL victim. Barf.

    • Yup claiming that a verbal slap is the equivalent to centuries of pogroms, slaughter, discrimination, hatred and victimisation of an entire people equals dignity and respect.
      Does anybody on the populist right take a breath and actually think about what they are about to say anymore?
      Or would that make you an elitist?

    • that's right the real victim was poor defenseless Caribou Barbie.

  2. That's right Philanthropist, we must always remember that with any tragedy no matter how great or small, Sarah Palin is always the REAL victim.

    • The real victims were used by the old liberal media in order to attack people who don't agree with them, like Sarah Palin. The old liberal media launched hateful rhetoric minutes after the shooting stopped, their hypocrisy stinks – but the manner in which they used the victims for their political agenda was particularly disgusting.

      • Does Fox News count as Liberal Media?I wonder what how political they were in suggesting that Obama's speech was nothing more than a pep rally?

        • Did you watch the memorial service .Hooting and hollering.Maybe not a pep ralley as much as a rock concert.

  3. What an elegant way to say: "The righties did it!"

  4. What a lot of nonsense. Obama's tribute was masterful and sincere. Only idiots would try to make mileage out of it.

  5. Sarah Palin proves once again that she is one of the most dangerous people in America. Those cross hairs were put on the congress womens riding by Sarah Palin for what reason? Sarah Palin should apologize to the American nation for such reckless acts.

    • First off Mike ,if you had done your homework you would understand that the shooter was not political and wasn't a follower of Palin or talk radio ,even though the media tried to report it as such.So Palin's cross hairs are irrelevant to your argument.Secondly, all political party's have provocative references when politically strategizing,even the Obama.
      The "memorial service" was more like ObamaPalooza.Shameful really.

    • Caribou Barbie will never apologize as her philosophy is , " we don't retreat. We reload"

  6. O'Neill, I did my homework and this was a political shooting. This was not a personal or ramdon shooting. If you believe that Sarah Palins cross hairs are irrelevent and that they don't insight other people, I think you should take a step back and take another look. According to you the news mediaq is always wrong. They hit this one right on the head. You have insulted the intellegence of the readers of this magazine by saying the memorial service was ObamaPalooza. The shame is on you.

  7. Maybe Gifford put the cross hairs on herself when she said…I own a gun and I'm a damn good shot. She's a Democrat and is NOT in favour of tighter gun controls. As for the memorial, it was more like a pep-rally. I watched the whole thing and just couldn't understand all the cheering..no matter who spoke or what they said…strangest event I've ever seen. Obama did try to stop the "blame game" but it was too late for that. I hope it blows up in his face…he should have tried sooner to stop all the nonsense coming from the Democrats.

    • It was the Repubicans under the Bush admistration in eight years that got the American economy in the mess it is today.The country was close to being in a depression, not a resession. Yet, some of the American people expect the Obama Demecrates to fix the mess Bush and the Republicans left in just one term. Perhaps the repulbicans should help Obama, instead of trying to block him at every turn. The health care reforms he is trying to implement are for the poor and middle class. The tax cuts for the rich, under George Bush effected 1/3 of 1%. Do you know who benefited from these tax brakes. Not the poor. The health care system in the US was brought in under the Nixon Republicans. Thanks Dick