Obama deserves “respect”: Oprah

Talk show host tells critics to ease off the president


Oprah is asking some of Barack Obama’s fiercest critics to “show some level of respect” and try to put themselves in the presidents shoes. “I feel that everybody has a learning curve, and I feel that the reason why I was willing to step out for him was because I believed in his integrity and I believed in his heart,” Oprah said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show in Chicago. The television mogul added that, “even if you’re not in support of his policies, there needs to be a certain level of respect.”


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Obama deserves “respect”: Oprah

  1. Her Oprahness has spoken….Take heed Obama critics, or face the wrath of Harpo …..

  2. I don't know where Oprah is coming from. As far as I can tell Americans do not like his policies and his political philosophy. That's it. Is Oprah telling everybody to shut up and sit down? She is treading a very fine line here.

    • Agree , but you have to remember that for a lot of people, the sun rises and sets on her opinions…sad,,very sad indeed….

      • No kidding, people just think that her word is IT, but she is not doing a service to Obama saying things like that.

        You name a leader any where in the world who isn't subjected to major criticism, is part of the job. And he did climb a very high ladder, of course critics will be tough.

        • @ Claudia….Agree…Taking criticism and major flack is in the Presidential Job Description under …''Other related duties.'''

    • Leave it to you to not be able to understand the difference between being asked to give someone some respect, and being told to shut up and sit down.

  3. If you can't stand the heat get the h out of the kitchen – good grief Oprah ! – with some of the disrespect coming from that quarter when a Republican is President and now all of a sudden it's all – lets all get along, respect and sing Kumbaya from the Queen herself – such hypocrisy

  4. Respect is earned.

  5. So now one can't draw a prophet, criticize a religion, now can't criticize a US sitting president. God! what will they think on next. Oprah should just mind doing her job eh!

  6. Pointing out that Obama is a loser is the only public service Oprah has ever done, other than that she's another self-serving limousine liberal who wants the rest of us to give more money to her friends in government so they can 'social engineer' us, take a hike Oprah, your philosophy is for losers.

  7. Well, the OFFICE deserves respect.

    As for Obama? As with any other potus, that respect will have to be earned, and time will do the telling.

  8. ;The man is utterly infantile, completely incompetent and waaaay over his head. He asked for the job and the sheeple have proven time and again they are quite willing to jump from the frying pan to the fire. Now she wants respect. She must think she is the female Jesus. The man should resign before he gets us in WW III.

  9. So by saying "I feel that everybody has a learning curve, oprah simply admits that two years into his presidency, b. hussein obama is a failure. What a favor!

  10. " I believed in his integrity and I believed in his heart"

    I don't know about the heart, but the man has no integrity, and if Oprah cannot see something so obvious, her judgement is completely suspect. Perhaps she and George Soros can pool some of their billions to try to rewrite history and buy the next election for the most manipulative and dishonest President in recent history.

    What, Oprah, the greatest, smartest, most enlightened demi-god to ever hold the office needs a big sis to go out and stick up for him? This empty suit hasn't endured 1/100th of the vitriol, haterd and abuse George W Bush endured, and endured with dignity and quiet strength. Is your little boy that fragile?

    It's official, Obamadinajad is USA first affirmative action president. Thanks Oprah for making that clear.

  11. I would love all these people who made these negative comments to run for office. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Also YOU ALL are jealous because a woman makes way more money than you. She can buy and sell you like nobodies business. Must hurt eh! Can you imagine a black woman making more money than you. You must be pissed! Secondly, I firmly believe that someone like George Bush should be elected right back in again after President Obama. You need someone else to drive the world into another recession. Clinton left a surplus and Bush left one of the biggest deficits of all time. I guess you were really happy about Bush. Imagine calling Obama infantile when the United States had a president who could not speak in public without embarrassing his country. David Letterman, and all the late night comedians miss Bush so much that they have to pull up old footage.
    Glad to know that you can have an intelligent conversation and withhold from name calling, and racists comments. You should write in your real names. Don't hide. Let your bosses, friends and family members see who you really are and what you are about!

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