Obama grounds moon plans

“Moon by 2020 is dead,” says space policy scholar


Anyone hoping for a return to the glory days of space travel when Neil Armstrong boldly stepped onto the surface of the moon, better not be holding their breath. President Obama’s new budget proposal for next week will include an additional $5.9 billion for NASA over the next five years. That is not enough money for the space agency to follow through on their Constellation moon landing initiative first brought forth by former President George W. Bush—a plan that has already cost over $9 billion. Instead, NASA hopes to use the money to extend the life of the International Space Station to 2020.

CBC News

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Obama grounds moon plans

  1. It is sad that so much useless spending is done that it prevents useful government spending like this.

  2. Great to see that Mr. 'Science is Back' is sticking to his words.

  3. virgin airlines will probably land on the moon next before nasa

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