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Obama is fair game, but don’t mess with Jimmy Carter


Mitt Romney may be trying to put the heat on President Obama, but there is one president he should have left alone.

According to the Associated Press, the man responsible for unearthing the now-infamous 47% video is James Carter IV—the grandson of President Jimmy Carter. He came forward yesterday to describe how he tracked down the video after he saw a small clip of it used in a YouTube video, which attacked Romney for using Chinese labour at Bain Capital.

Carter, an online researcher, got in contact with the uploader of the YouTube video, and convinced her to give the full tape to Mother Jones magazine. While his motive was partially professional, the 35-year-old is currently looking for work, Carter admits that it was also personal. He told reporters that he is tired of Republicans treating his grandfather like a joke, and using the Carter name in any reference to a weak president.

While Carter’s involvement has left many Republicans frothing at the mouth, Democrats have called it “poetic justice.”

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Obama is fair game, but don’t mess with Jimmy Carter

  1. Poetic justice in more than one way. It is also poetic justice for the hits President Carter took from that buffoon, Ronald Reagan, under whom the national debt began to spiral out of control and plummet to irresponsible, unconscionable depths.

  2. Sweet!!! Did it like a boss ;)