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Obama responds to Trump’s offer on Jay Leno show


President Barack Obama had some zingers for Donald Trump late Wednesday, after the billionaire’s bizarre announcement that he would donate $5 million to charity, should the president turn over his college records and his passport.

The non-news announcement, which Trump had heralded as game-changing bombshell about the president just days before, was widely ridiculed, and the ridicule didn’t stop when the president made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“What’s this thing with Trump and you?” asked Leno. “It’s like me and Letterman. What has he got against you? I don’t get it,” Leno asked.

The president was quick with his response, which poked fun at Trump’s repeated claim that the president was born outside of the United States.

“This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya,” said the president, to much laughter. “We had constant run ins on the soccer field. He wasn’t very good, and he resented it. When we finally moved to America, I thought it would be over.”

Obama then told Leno that he had never actually met Trump.

The stop on Leno is part of a 48-hour campaign tour, where Obama is appearing in eight states during the final weekend of the campaign. Notably, he will appear in states which are viewed as pivotal to a Democratic win, including: Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Ohio and Virginia.

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Obama responds to Trump’s offer on Jay Leno show

  1. How exactly is this “Obama responding to Trump’s offer” as your header indicates?… sounds to me like Obama *avoiding* answering Trump’s offer.

    • It is not a good thing for Obama to ignore Trump. While the media laughs, there are a lot of voters waiting for Obama to seriously respond.

      • Why not go for Trump’s offer of donating $5 million dollars toward any charities Obama supports by simply making public his college records and passport documents? Not a big deal really , worth the effort if there’s $5mil Free money to Obama’s favorite charities . Wouldn’t take me long to show my records and passport for FIVE $$$MILION ;-D

        • then you’re very easily manipulated..and obviously not smart enough to know why Obama wouldn’t and shouldn’t ever do that

          • Nope, I’m not ‘easily manipulated’ by political domination…

      • umm..no..the people who are waiting for a ‘serious’ response to the playground bully are not smart enough to vote. C’mon now..get with the program!

        • Obama is afraid to respond seriously therefore he uses comedy entertaining simple minded American voters. Heck, it worked in 08.. LOL

          • Obama isn’t afraid…he’s humoring the stupidity of it all…did you not hear the audience laughing…they weren’t laughing at him…they were laughing at the sheer nonsense that Obama has to deal with and good for him for making a joke. Who with any common sense would take Trump seriously?


      Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus…

      Senate leader Reid in hospital after crash…

      “JUST A BUMP IN THE ROAD” (Obama)

    • this isn’t grade school where if someone tells you you don’t have a big willy that you pull it out just to show them…Obama has nothing to prove..esp. not to a toupe-d ingrate like Trump

  2. Why doesn’t he just shut-up show the records and put 5 million dollars to good use? Tired of Obama’s sarcasm. It’s old.

    • Probably because the President cannot be vulnerable to bribes or extortion

      • But it’s OK for the “President” to declare WAR without approval from congress?
        Or how about his multi million dollar paid for by American taxpayers Christmas Vacation? We won’t discuss rockin the Whitehouse parties also paid for by , you know, the folks that work and have their earnings extorted via taxation.
        Trump is challenging, NOT bribing….
        Mr. Ransom is correct in saying “shut-up show the records and put 5 million dollars to good use.”

    • it’s not his responsibility you fool…don’t you know anything about politics? wait…you’re probably a Romney fan…which again makes you a fool

  3. Trump has never, ever been even close to being a billionaire.
    This is a pathetic attempt to get attention on Trump’s part. The President is right to treat me like the joke that he is.


      Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus

      Senate leader Reid in hospital after crash


    • Who cares if Trump is a millionaire or billionaire, rather than showboating stupidity on the Leno comedy talk show, Obama could have used the tv air time and layout what Trump required (challenge) in order to cut a 5 million dollar check (cheque) towards charities chosen by Obama. Trump would only be a joke if Obama met the challenge and Trump didn’t donate $5 million toward charities chosen by Obama … There are a lot of hungry/homeless people (children) in America who have lost everything due to banker/wallstreet triggered depression that certainly would not turn down $5million…

      • get over it Gram3…you’re not that bright..you don’t understand politics and why it’s smart that Obama didn’t cave in to the requests of a delirious over-tanned self-aggrandizing goof like Trump. Intelligent people don’t try to meet the low standards and expectations of blathering idiots. Trump is one of them.

        • LOL Ohhhh tks for telling me I’m not that bright, don’t understand politics, yadda yadda blahh blahh and so on.
          Reading your rant is enough to recognize who’s intellectually challenged.

          • hard to believe you would embarass yourself by defending Trump…are you just trolling..looking for attention…fishing for an argument…because there is no on that can justify defending Trump unless they are ‘intellectually challenged’ as you put

  4. Bring in the crows to peck the eagles.

  5. Soccer field? More like dodgeball court. After all, Obama is a master-dodger.

    • That he is Joel. :-{

  6. In Jewish Law there is an idea One who is silent and the face of a question, is an admission of guilt. If Obama HAD college records he can easily show it for 5Million, seems like he had something to hide. People should not fall for his fake laugh and making fun, he is laughing at YOU stupid voter

    • Obama is too smart to not let himself get down to that level,
      money does not buy everything, like some seem to think

      • Charities rely on donations Lysa……If Obama was as smart as you claim he is, he’d simply show the paperwork and distribute the FIVE MILLION DOLLAR$. TahhhDahhh, everyone’s happy, children have food & shelter and Obama is the good guy and wins the election.

        • do you not get that he would be playing into Trump’s hands…that’s why Obama is president and you..well ..are not that bright or life-saavy

          • Thanks, “me”, your personal attacks confirm name calling (bullying) is a sign of lacking self esteem (respect for oneself).
            I get it already Mr.Miss,Ms “me”, but Obama is playing into Trump’s hand by avoiding a simple challenge.

          • But you like bullies….it seems…that’s why you like Trump. And I get it already too, Mr.Miss,Ms “Gram3″…very few people, including those on this discussion agree with you…so you can bet most people are thinking that Trump is just mental, plain and simple. And a tad prejudiced maybe?

    • no…dumba*s…you never respond to an idiot asking for information about you just to prove that he’s wrong about you….you must have had lots of kids manipulating you on the school grounds…and that’s what the challenge was…very childish

  7. that will be the Hollowe’en’s topic this year, toupee’s will sell out!!!

  8. why are ppl still even questioning this – obamas, bith etc – should that not have been thought about before everyone elected him in the first place?!!! How stupid can ppl be?!!!

    I sure Obama has more important things to worry about than some piss willy offer from trump, Obama could very well turn around, and without having to show ANY papers, donate $5mill to charity!!! There is nothing stopping him from doing that either.

    • Dusty, my prediction is that Obama will win the election, it’ll be close but he’ll trott-on for another 4 years.
      I’ll be so glad when this flippin election is over, Canada will feel the ripple affects either way..
      The sun will rise/set on November 7 th .

      • Canada will feel the effects alright when the USA goes broke due to Obama’s
        total ignorance in managing the economy!
        We’ll be bankrupt also – do any of you Canadian Obama fans have any RRSP’s or bank investments? They will be worthless if Obama is re-elected.

        • Right-on-Gary !!
          Obama should have jailed wall street criminals, he did nothing.

        • The only thing that would happen if Romney were elected is a continuation of the anything-goes Wall Street greed, rubberstamped by one of their own in the highest office, you utterly dim bulb. Have you already forgotten the horrific mess the last GOP pres. did (Bush)!!?

  9. Trump and Romney should start producing their documentation.This last bit of non-event doesn’t deserve the print it always seems to get.And the issue does not deserve the attention it got. Pathetic!

    • Hey, what’s the big deal? $5million can feed and house a lot of families.
      My friends’ mom worked for the Romney family in MI. Mom used to take her sometimes when they had functions at the Romney home. Friend remembers Mit working side by side with her and the staff, setting up tables and cleaning up later. Both were youngsters at the time, Mit’s Mom and dad put him to work, helping out just like my friend’s mom did with her kids.
      Don’t know much about Trump or Obama, perhaps they did grow up together in Kenya like Obama joked about on TV.

  10. The request by Trump is such tripe. All of these calls to help the poor…..The Donald should just write a cheque to charity without all this needless show boating and blabbering.

  11. Obama was wise to ignore Trump. One of Trump’s caveats was that he would cut the cheque immediately if he “was satisfied that everything is in order” (paraphrasing.) Trump will never be satisfied, he’s been chasing this Obama is a foreigner, Obama was a foreign exchange student, Obama was a low grade affirmative action student nonsense for years. He has no intention of cutting a cheque.

    Worth noting is that Trump has since refused to release his own passport applications and college transcripts. Obama has degrees from both Columbia and Harvard. Trump went to Business school as a millionaire’s son, while working at his father’s firm. If anyone’s admission and graduation from college was not entirely on their own merits, it is far more likely to be Trump’s.

    • FINALLY ..an intelligent response! gosh it’s hard to believe so many Maclean’s readers just don’t have even a snippet of a clue on why it’s not Obama’s responsibility or obligation to respond to tired old Trump’s challenge. It’s so grade school. bleeechhh

    • David Church, who really gives a dang what Trump thinks or if his paperwork/passport is real, he isn’t championing to be the ruler of the United States of America twice…..
      You have great background knowledge info on Trump history, why not tell us more about Obama after all Obama is the one who is running for President of the USofA.
      University transcripts are easily accessed…..I had to have copies of mine in order to teach technical upgrading courses…..Wasn’t a big deal, I contacted the university, they e-mailed me my transcripts.
      I doubt Governor Romney would refuse showing American voters schooling records or passports …or whatever else is required in order to become the President of the USofA.

      • Gram3: I’m not sure what point you are trying to make. Yes, it is easy to obtain one’s own university transcripts.

        To my knowledge, no Presidential candidate has ever released his university transcripts, definitely not their entrance applications. I don’t see any point in Obama being the first, especially as Trump’s demand is not based on anything other than the long.disproven birther conspiracy nonsense.

        You are wrong in stating that Romney would not refuse to show American voters whatever is required to become President. He is the ONLY presidential candidate who has refused to release full personal tax returns since his father George Romney started the practice by releasing 10 years of his tax returns in the 1950s.

  12. wow… I didn’t expect so many sideways remarks in the comments section…

  13. Obama is spot on for not producing any information that Trump the bully demanded. Trump wants Obama to be part of his parade of puppets that he has on The Apprentice..where he gets them to dance like fools and then gives them some money so they can donate to their charity. Stepping into Trump’s realm of idiocy and boorishness would make Trump the puppetmaster and Obama his puppet. THAT’s what Trump wants…to know that he can buy anyone and any thing. You should be happy that Obama didn’t respond to Trump’s over with anything but light humor and mocking..because really it deserves nothing more.

    • I have a deal for you , grmaestro. Handcrafted (made in NorthAmerica) tinfoil head gear . Hope Trump isn’t reading here or he’ll steal my idea ;-)
      Hang in there, the election will soon be over and we little people (serfs) can relax, till the next political circus happens.

  14. When the truth comes out about Obama’s past – we’ll all be shocked.
    If he was a Republican the left-wing writers would have uncovered all kinds of ‘dirt’ on
    this dirty fake bull shipper! Or is it ‘rockstar’? He is no president – i.e. – bankrupting the once-great USA.

    • You are bang-on-right Hilda. Nice to see folks posting who aren’t afraid to voice their discust with Obama.
      We both know, the truth always surfaces :-) It’s too bad investigative journalists are extinct in the 21st century.