Obama says U.S. security and intelligence was the problem

The U.S. were given early signals of the terrorist plot on Flight 253


President Barack Obama said Tuesday that there was a systemic failure on the part of U.S. security in regards to the would-be bomber of Flight 253. The government had been aware that Yemeni al-Qaeda members were talking about a terrorist attack involving “The Nigerian” but that information was not  matched up with Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who boarded a flight in Amerstdam on Christmas Day and tried to ignite explosives attached to his body as the plane was heading into Detroit—even though officials at the U.S. embassy in Nigeria had also been warned about Abdulmutallab by his own father. President Obama said he would insist on “accountability at every level.”

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Obama says U.S. security and intelligence was the problem

  1. The "war on terror" is a crock of shit at every level.

  2. The problem is the shear number of spy agencies in the US with no common direction. This inevitably results in turf wars between bureaucrats that have only protecting their jobs in mind. The fact that they have a fair number of loose lipped politicians out for personal gain as oversight does not help with sharing sensitive data.

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